Am I Liable if Someone Else is Driving my Car and Gets into an Accident?

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If another individual drives your car and ends up in an accident, the person held liable is usually the owner of the car. You can have a choice of taking the individual to court in order for him or her to pay you for the damages, but the sole responsibility is upon you, the owner of the car irrespective of anything. When it comes to the car insurance, when you lend out your car, you are indirectly loaning out your car insurance. According to auto insurance facts, you are supposed to add that individual as a driver of your vehicle. This could end up increasing the rate of premiums on your car insurance, its significance depending on the amount of danger the person causes. You should have all your auto insurance facts right since if you do not add someone who is a frequent user of your vehicle and he ends up having an accident in it, the auto insurance service is not obliged to cover for the damage. This is because it will be interpreted as a means of trying to avoid the extra premium rates you will face if you add that individual as a driver of your vehicle. With reference to the auto insurance facts and regulations, it will be regarded as misrepresentation or rather non-disclosure as you intentionally concealed information from the car insurance service. There are auto insurance regulations in place being used throughout Canada. As a high-risk car insurance Alberta culprit, you should ensure that you disclose all the frequent drivers of your vehicle regardless of the premium rates of your insurance company. You should bear in mind that the high-risk auto insurance Alberta service does not cover you as a driver; it is an insurance service for your vehicle. Apart from ensuring that you are keen on your road safety as a high-risk auto insurance Alberta individual, full disclosure is very important especially for your vehicle. It will be very agonizing for you in the event of an accident involving another frequent user of your vehicle that your high-risk auto insurance Alberta service will not take responsibility of coverage, just because the person was not covered in your deal with the insurance company. Auto insurance Alberta establishments tend to encourage the full disclosure of all the drivers that often use it for the safety of your vehicle.

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