Bell is Bringing $20 per month to Canada – Check if you are eligible

The government is running a new program that will help connect more people, and high-speed internet will be available for $20 per month.

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The federal government is designing a plan that delivers high-speed internet for $20 per month, in an effort to connect hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

On April 4, officials announced the next phase of the Connecting Families Initiative. The initiative helps seniors and low-income families access high-quality internet services for an affordable cost.

The government is providing ISPs with a chance to provide universal access for the next generation at $20 per month. Among those included in this program are Bell, Rogers, and TELUS.

If you qualify, you can get internet that’s five to ten times faster than the first phase of the Federal Communications Commission’s gigabit broadband initiative. You also get twice as much data per month.


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