Bell Vs Rogers Vs Telus – Comparing the Top Three Cell Phone Providers in Canada

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Canadians have access to a wide range of cell phone providers. The top providers are Rogers, Bell, and Telus. It can be a good idea to compare the various providers before you decide to signup. Here what you need to know.

What Company to Sign Up For?

All three of these companies offer similar services. It’s important to understand your needs before you sign up for anything and to read the fine print. Plans are always subject to change so it’s a good idea to check with each company to see what they offer before you pick your plan. Here is a run-down of each company and what they can provide for you.


Bell is one of the older mobile providers in Canada. In recent speed tests they have outperformed both Telus and Rogers so this can be a good company to work with. They offer a hybrid plan structure as well as shared plans and a choice of unlimited local or international calling, Canada wide texting and data plans which can be shared with other individuals.

Sample Bell Plan

This sample plan is for a family that has four iPhones.

  • Unlimited calling and nationally and texting for the account holder
  • Unlimited Data

Should I Get Bell?

Bell has coverage in every territory and province in Canada it’s one of the only carriers that have an active tower in the Canadian North. you get good LTE service which is compatible with the latest generation of phones in big cities. You can also sign up for various other services through a bell if you prefer.  It can generally be a good idea to bundle your services as this can help you save money.

Some people have complained that Some people have complained that Bell has poor customer service which might be a concern for you but they have recently tried to improve this. For those that don’t have a lot to spend, Bell also features Virgin Mobile which is their lower-cost network that uses the same network that Bell does.


The largest carrier in Canada is Rogers. They have over 9 million at customers but have struggled in recent years to grow their wireless customer base. They do have a strong network and have decent one-on-one support, shorter wait times, and better customer service than they had in the past since their customer service has been recently revamped. Like Bell, this company has many bundled the plans that you can get.

Sample Rogers Plan

This sample plan is for a family that has four iPhones.


  • Unlimited GB of data, texting and Nationwide calling $95
  • Three or more iPhones that have unlimited Nationwide calling $210
  • Total of $305

 Should I Get Rogers?

Rogers has services in every territory and province. It has the best service in British Columbia and Ontario. In other provinces where it has partnerships, you can get at least 3G service. You do get strong reception but it might not be the fastest when you compare their LTE service with other providers.

Rogers tends to have better LTE service and more add-ons for their content. For those that want a lower-cost service through Rogers, you can sign up for their Fido service which is designed for those that are just getting into wireless services such as college students For those with a limited budget.


Telus is very strong in the western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. It has a network partner with bell and is now considered a viable National carrier. Telus has the second highest number of cell phone subscribers in the country with Rodgers being on top although it sometimes fights with Bell for this placement.

Telus tends to be quite customer-friendly and you usually get good customer service through Telus. The company also offers other services which can be bundled with your wireless service such as your TV.

Sample Telus Plan

This plan is for a family with four iPhones.

  • Unlimited Nationwide texting and calling with 10 GB of data and 2GB of data that is shared $135
  • Three additional iPhones that have unlimited Nationwide calling $165
  • Total of $300

Should I Get Telus?

Doesn’t have the latest in technology like the other services do. Its strong suit is it has the strongest customer service credentials in the entire country. Telus also offers a lower-cost service called Koodo which is perfect for those just getting into cell phone service or those that want to save money and have a limited budget.

Compare Plans Before You Buy

It can be difficult to find the right cell phone plan. This is why you’re going to have to compare the various plans offered by the three providers. These plans can change at a moment’s notice so you really have to do your research with each company to determine the best option for you. In some cases, you may have to sign up for a plan for a couple of years because you’ll be on a contract.

This is why it’s important to make the right decision before you settle on any one plan. You should also consider your needs for data, texting, messaging, and so on. You want to get a plan that meets your current needs. Basic plans tend to have limited services so you’ll need to examine each plan to see if it will work for you. Most carriers also offer unlimited calling, texting, and some also have unlimited data cell phone plans.

About Canadian Cell Phone Providers

All three cell phone carriers have a wide range of services to meet your needs. You will find many different phones to purchase through these companies, date plans, and regular phone service plans. Many plans and prices can be similar so you need to examine each provider signing up for anything. As you add on extras such as more data or unlimited text and messaging, the costs will go up significantly. All three providers have good reception across most areas of Canada with the best reception being in the major cities.


All three cell phone providers will give you similar services and cell phone plans. You need to compare the various plans from each provider to determine the best one for your needs. You can often save a lot of money by bundling your services together. you should speak to the individual provider about the various services they offer to determine the best plan to meet your current budget and requirements.

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