Determining Fault in Winter or Extreme Weather Accidents

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Determining Fault in Winter or Extreme Weather Accidents

Extreme weather conditions such as the winter weather might lead to a wide variety of dangerous road conditions which will make driving very strenuous and even hazardous since it will escalate the chances of the occurrence of an accident. Winter and extreme weather accidents can be a result of very heavy snowfalls, black ice, and roads in which the snow has not been adequately cleared of snow. The roads under these conditions will lead to difficulty in proper control of vehicles hence risking fatal accidents. Car insurance companies usually have allowances for the adverse road conditions but the sole responsibility lies with the driver to try and drive as safely as possible in these harsh weather conditions.

Determination of Fault

When the car insurance companies determine the fault of the accident, all the circumstances that led to the occurrence of the accident are thoroughly checked out. The circumstances also include conditions like bad roads or extreme weather. For instance, if your vehicle skids through a road intersection and ends up ramming another car as a result of losing control, or going off the road due to the slippery surfaces, you may feel that it is not your fault as a driver. Unfortunately, it is your full responsibility to stay in total control of the vehicle regardless of the circumstances in the eyes of the insurance companies. Despite the fact that winter and extreme weather accidents may be caused by conditions like icy roads, the driver must ensure that he or she takes extra safety measures to avoid accidents in these conditions. It is very wise to look for a favourable insurance company that offers excellent services with regards to adverse weather and road conditions. You need to compare the high-risk car insurance quotes that are available in your specific province to find out which company offers the best services that are worth your time, effort, and money. With most insurance companies, you will have to pay increased premium rates as a result of the adverse weather conditions but you will definitely find an auto insurance establishment that provides better offers with a more reasonable premium rate in comparison to all the others. This is why you should thoroughly check out the high risk car insurance quotes to make an educated assessment on which car insurance provider you will feel most comfortable with.
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