Don’t Be a Speed Demon – What Traffic Tickets Will Cost You

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Last April, British Columbia police tracked down a motorcycle driver for speeding. He had posted a YouTube video of himself speeding down a highway on Vancouver Island. The video showed him working his way between other vehicles at heart-stopping speeds of up to 300 km/h. Unfortunately for him, the 25-year-old motorist had multiple traffic violations on his record. Consequently, his motorcycle was seized, and he is now facing hefty fines as a result of his bad driving habits. Some people just never learn from their mistakes. Drivers pose health and safety risks to themselves, their passengers, and even innocent bystanders when they speed. In light of this, speeding tickets may seem minor difficulties. However, speeding can cause a lot of headaches.

Fines are not fine

If you drive along the highways of Ontario, you will notice signs painted in blue and yellow. These signs remind drivers just how costly it is to speed. If you get caught driving 50 km/h faster than the limit, you will face the following:
  1. A fine of almost $10,000
  2. Suspension of your roadside license
  3. Confiscation of your vehicle
Moreover, the same rules apply to people who are not from Ontario. Police notify your insurance company and your province’s transportation ministry about traffic violations you make anywhere in the country. Furthermore, provinces use notification programs to communicate with neighbouring American states. For example, demerit points you earn in Michigan or New York are added to your record, even if you live in Ontario.

Understanding the demerit system

It is a common misconception that demerit points can be ‘lost’. In fact, all drivers start out with zero points Even so, drivers accumulate points if they make traffic violations. In Ontario, drivers earn two points for minor offences like making illegal turns or not signaling when changing lanes. However, major violations such as not pulling over for a police officer or leaving the scene of an accident can add up to seven points on your record. The Ministry of Transportation notifies drivers when they accumulate six points. In contrast, the Ministry notify drivers who have learner’s permits when they get two points. Drivers who accumulate nine points must to go to an interview to justify why they should keep their licenses. Ultimately, drivers who accumulate 15 points automatically lose their licenses for a month.

Losing Your License

Losing your license can make life difficult. If you end up in court for a grave driving violation, you could lose your license temporarily. That would make it more inconvenient to do everyday errands. What is more, if you must drive for work, your employer might not want to pay someone who must commute by cab or bus.

Wear and tear

Another disadvantage of speeding is that it can increase the wear and tear on your vehicle. For example, if you frequently must slam on your brakes, your pads and rotors will be worn down quickly. In addition, you can damage your vehicle’s shocks and suspension, making your passengers uncomfortable. Don’t pin the cleaning bill on them if your reckless driving makes them want to hurl!

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