It’s Easy To Nominate a Small Business For $50,000 From Mazda

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It’s Easy To Nominate Small Businesses For $50,000 From Mazda Mazda is contributing up to $1 million towards the rebuilding of Canada’s small businesses, which is your motivation for nominating your favourite. Canada is moving past the public health emergency, but the pandemic impacts are still being felt. These courageous stories show that there are heroes in every borough providing help when it is needed the most. Amidst the devastation from the recent hurricane, Mazda is now giving small businesses a chance to rebuild with a $50 million dollar donation drive. Building on its Co-Creativity Initiative, Mazda is teaming up with the Canadian government to give $50,000 to a small business that you nominate to rebuild after the pandemic. NOMINATE YOUR FAVOURITE LOCAL LEGEND HERE

Ian Sparks explains how Mazda Local Legends by Mazda Canada is great for small business

Mazda is ready to help small businesses rebuild after the hurricanes. They are offering $50K in financial support for your favourite business that you choose. Show them that you care by nominating your favorite here:

Mazda has teamed up with Square to provide up to $50,000 in funding for small businesses that have been significantly damaged by a disaster. Nominate your favourite one today!

Mazda wants to help small businesses in disaster areas recover and thrive again. In honour of this year’s International Growth Summit in Sydney, Mazda will donate $50K USD to small businesses from around the world. Nominate your favourite business here to receive a grant today!

Nominate a business of your choice to win $50,000 from Mazda

Fill out the form above to nominate one of your favourite businesses to help them get back on their feet with support from Mazda. Mazda is helping small businesses rebuild and $50,000 will be given to your favourite nominee! For more information about Mazda, visit their website and follow them on social media. This exciting program from Mazda* can give help to those who would otherwise have been left behind. The company will be making a total contribution of up to $1 million. Welcome any Canadian Mazda dealership or customer-driver business owner, applicant  
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