Reasons You Can Be Denied Auto Insurance

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Reasons You Can Be Denied Auto Insurance

It is mandatory according to Canadian law to have auto insurance if you own a vehicle. Car insurance Canada companies usually have specific procedures that they follow in order to determine the premium rates that are going to be extended to you. If for instance, you are a bad driver who keeps getting traffic tickets, you will have to check and compare high risk car insurance quotes since the auto insurance companies are likely to consider you high risk.

History of Payment

Car insurance Canada providers will check your history of payment to find out if you have ever missed any payments in the past. For customers who have ever missed any previous payments, it is statistically more probable for them to miss future auto insurance payments. If you miss a certain number of premium rate payments, your insurance coverage may end up being cancelled by car insurance Canada service providers.

Break down or Mechanical failure

In some instances, you may decide to check high-risk car insurance quotes as a result of the condition of your vehicle especially if it does not have met some specific safety requirements. In the event of either a breakdown or mechanical failure due to wear and tear, rusting, explosion, or freezing within the engine and also damage to the tires, unless all these resulted from a peril that has insurance coverage for instance collision coverage, a car insurance Canada company can deny you any auto insurance.

Infringement of Laws

Your car insurance Canada service provider can deny you auto insurance coverage in case an accident occurs involving your vehicle being driven by you, or any other individual for that matter, was not able to have total control due to the influence of alcohol or any type of drugs that impair the driving abilities. There are also some specific regulations that can lead to exclusion of your auto insurance coverage if you infringe on them. These include: driving with an un-roadworthy vehicle, causing of an accident or even death due to criminal negligence, and refusal to give a sample of your breath to the police among many others. There are some reasons which might lead to the denial of car insurance Canada service when you are applying for insurance. Even when you already have insurance cover, an insurance company will not cover some damages if you infringe on certain specific conditions that were set on your insurance coverage contract.
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