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Texting or driving traffic violations are among the habits that will lead you to be considered as a high-risk driver. This is among the main practices that lead to the highest number of driving accidents in Canada. The transportation department has even tightened the rules regarding texting or driving traffic violations. In fact, in the province of Ontario, the fine charges are said to be probably doubled in the near future. When it comes to traffic violations and auto insurance services, you will end up paying very high rates as you pose a very high prospect of danger on the road. High risk Car insurance Ontario services are very strict on the type of drivers that intrude upon texting or driving traffic violations. Traffic violations and auto insurance rules in Ontario have been on the same trend of harshness especially since October 2009 after the ban on the usage of handheld devices on the roads. Since then, the Ontario police have issued over three thousand warnings to the drivers that went against that ban. The distracted driving regulations were first enforced at the beginning of February 2010. Precise statistics indicate that a driver infringing upon the texting or driving traffic violations increases the chances of causing an accident by up to an outstanding four times in comparison to a driver whose focus is only on the road. This makes you a very high risk on the roads and that is why high-risk car insurance Ontario establishments have very high rates for this type of habit. This could in fact end up landing you in prison service for up to six months according to the Ontario provincial laws accompanied by quite some expensive fines. When you are regarded as a high-risk driver due to texting or driving traffic violations, it is important for you to, as much as possible, strive to be a safer driver. Not only will you face the wrath of the high-risk car insurance Ontarioservices due to the potential of costing them immense losses but you could also end up losing your driving license for up to two years. The minister of transportation and the Ontario provincial police commissioner has even made statements regarding the hazard of using all the handheld gadgets while driving on the road. It not only endangers a driver but also all the other road passengers.
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