Tips For Terminating Your Cell Phone Contract Early Without Paying Fees

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There may be many reasons why you would like to know how to break a cell phone contract; you may want to upgrade your phone, not happy with your carrier, get a better deal, and upgrade your services.  At we have some ways to get out of a contract or how to not get stuck with a large penalty. Before we go any further, we thought we would let you know some good news if you have a cell phone plan for longer than 2 years.  Cell Phone Plans Canada Service Providers must adhere to a new set of rules unveiled by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), OTTAWA-GATINEAU The new set of rules for cell phone providers states Canadians can cancel their wireless contracts after two years under the new CRTC wireless code. The wireless code is to assist Canadians to make informed choices and contribute to a dynamic marketplace.  After the frustrations expressed to the CRTC, this code was implemented to address some of these issues. Canadians have been expressing concern about the length of wireless contracts, cancellation fees, roaming charges and other industry practices.

This wireless code has addressed and now small business and individual consumers are able to:

  • Terminate a wireless contract after two years, even if they signed on for a longer contract
  • Cap extra data charges at $50/ month and international data roaming at $100/month
  • If the device has been paid in full, small business and consumers can now have their cell phones unlocked or if after 90 days.
  • If unhappy with the Cell Phone Company services, they can return their cellphones within 15 days and specific usage limits
  • Accept or decline changes to key terms of a fixed-term contract and get a contract that is easy to read and understand.
For more information, read your Rights as a consumer.

Contact the Cell Phone Carrier

If you wish to break a contract, you should call the cell phone company.  Some of the CSR’s can be sympathetic and reduce that fee.  If you get a CSR that does not budge on costs, ask to speak to a supervisor, if that fails, find their Twitter account, for example, Rogers is  They usually have people there to assist. Remember although challenging, it pays to be calm and you will find some satisfaction in the end. 

Change Ownership with family or friends

Most companies have “Transfer of Responsibility” and a great option if you can find someone who is willing to take over your contract and each of you meets the criteria.  Each company has information on ways to do this and what the requirements are, so search transfer of responsibility and the company name or give your company a call.

Sell your Contract

There are websites such as Cell Clients and Sell Plan Depot in which you can sell your cell phone contract.  There are people who are willing to pay for a shorter term contract.   You can offer extra such as a cash bonus of free phone.  The process is fairly simple (depending on the website).  The seller posts an Ad, the seller finds a buyer, the buyer takes over the contract and the buyer receives the phone.
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