Top 10 Questions To Ask Before You Buy Auto Insurance

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So you’re looking to get your car insured? There is probably an array of questions running in your head when you consider the idea. What car insurance providers are best?  What car insurance companies in Canada can I trust? Where can I find cheap car insurance in Ontario? The list goes on, but this is all perfectly appropriate when shopping for auto insurance. However, whatever your specific question may be, here are 10 Questions to Ask Before Getting Auto Insurance.

Which insurance provider is best for me?

The answer to this question is very much dependent on what you’re looking for in coverage in correlation to your budget. Luckily, with a few web searches you’ll be able to compare rates and find customer reviews for various insurance providers, making your decision that much easier.

Am I going to insure more than one vehicle?

If you plan to insure more than one vehicle, it’s wise to do so with the same insurance provider. Many insurance companies will offer a decent multi vehicle discount for insuring all of your vehicles with them, which saves you money!

Should I go for higher or lower deductibles?

In most cases, if you’re driving a newer model year car then you would want the lowest deductibles possible, and if you’re driving an older car with a value close to your deductible then it’s a good idea to go for higher deductibles. Another important factor to consider is whether or not you’d hypothetically be able to afford repairs to your vehicle should it ever be involved in an accident.

Do I really need collision coverage?

This garners a very similar answer to the previous question in the sense that if the car you’re driving isn’t of a significantly high value, then it’s most economically sensible to cancel your collision coverage. Will the specs and safety features of my vehicle affect the cost of my insurance premium? Yes! The safer your car, the more you’ll be looking to save on your insurance premium. On a related note, having an anti-theft system installed is a great way to save on your total cost.

Who will my policy cover to drive my car?

Every insurance provider handles these matters differently. Some may allow a family member within a household to operate the insured vehicle under full coverage, while others may not. Be sure to ask this particular question when speaking to an insurance agent.

What other discounts can I get?

Insurance providers offer a multitude of discounts, including some for having certain safety features in your car, having a clean driving record, being a “good student”(maintaining a specified academic standing as a student); and for purchasing other types of insurance from the same company. Be sure to ask your insurance agent for more information on discounts.

What are my payment options?

Typically, most insurance companies offer annual, six month, and quarterly payment plans. However, in most cases frequent payment options tend to be more costly over the course of a year  in comparison to the annual option.

How will my vehicle be valued?

Long story short, the fancier/newer your vehicle the higher your premium. That being said,  be sure to determine the value of a vehicle prior to purchasing it, then proceed to run a quick insurance check to see if you can afford the vehicle and the coverage cost that comes with it.

Can I meet in person with my insurance company?

Face to face business interactions usually lead to better customer service and a better experience overall. Be sure to ask your agent if there is a physical office where you could meet at and discuss your premium in person. Helpful Tip: Request to set up an Annual Personal Insurance Review with your agent to insure you’re consistently getting the best rates possible.
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