Top 5 Gyms in Toronto Running Free Sweat Sessions Online

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Stay Safe! Stay Fit!

Social distancing and staying indoors does not have to translate into an unhealthy lifestyle. Not only should you eat healthily, but regular exercise is important to build immunity and beat any chance of infection. Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to worry about workouts for the whole family or not having access to specialized equipment. Get everyone to join in free online classes organized by gyms in Toronto. Check out the workouts and exercises you can do to get the blood circulation going and lift your spirits. Here are the top 5 fitness centers that are offering videos free of cost for a whole 30 days.

Saana Yoga

Let go of the stress of tough times and switch to meditation and deep breathing with yoga sessions. You can check out their Instagram page that is airing live classes at 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm, every day. If you’re in the mood for a more invigorating workout, you can follow their expert instructors who also offer Pilates lessons.

Fit Squad

If you frequently visit this Entertainment District fitness center, you’re probably familiar with their collection of equipment for intense workouts. Spread over an area of 5,800 square feet, this gym has sled pushes, rowing machine sprints, sled pushes, and box jumps. In support of their fitness-conscious members, the gym has a program where people can borrow a kettlebell and follow their four-week kettlebell course – from the safety of their homes. You can also check out their live Instagram feed at 12:00pm where lessons like stretches, side planks, and innovative lunges and push-ups are available – all of which won’t need equipment.

6ix Cycle

For all you bicycling enthusiasts, Julie Harrish at 6ix Cycle has live workout courses held every evening at 5:45 pm. An expert spin instructor, Julie shows you how you can get the benefits of a high-intensity workout with just a yoga mat and resistance band. Follow the official Instagram page for lessons on how to plank, squat, and burn off the piling calories right out of your living room.

OpenMat MMA

If you would like to introduce your kids to the world of martial arts or if you’re a fan, use this time off to pick up a few classes. And, OpenMat has just what you need. Elliott Bayey is their expert martial arts instructor and has organized a YouTube channel for lessons in Brazilian jujitsu. Viewers of all ages can try the moves that help condition and tone your muscles and build strength and stamina. Prefer Muay Thai instead? Pick up their introductory classes instead.

Misfit Studio

Dancing is the best form of exercise and Ossington, owner of the movement studio, Misfit, offers you a routine that includes elements of yoga and Pilates. You can check out their over 35 pre-recorded videos, each of which are between 5 and 45 minutes in duration. These videos are available online with free access to anyone interested in a workout. In addition, the expert trainers at Misfit hold a Get series of classes online on the gym’s Instagram page. You’ll find sessions like Get Worked, Get Hot, Get Shifted, and Get Up, all of which are great for boosting blood circulation and your heart rate. Join in free online classes with the whole family and turn the next few weeks into an opportunity to spend some quality time bonding and connecting. Choose a fun workout that all age groups will find fun and interesting – and, perfect for blowing off steam! Take a break from individual digital time and try one with the family.
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