Toronto to start mandating affordable housing units for new developments

Due to the lack of affordable housing initiatives in cities thus, city councillors have voted overwhelmingly enough to affect developers. Effective for 12 years starting in 2022, guidelines will now force developers whether they are large or small or are providing for rental or ownership units must create them with guidelines. 

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The Planning and Housing Committee voted unanimously to approve the Strang Report.

This topic finally came to a head-on Tuesday, when the issue of IZ was voted on. Longwinded questions, detailed explanations, and debates between council members spent much of the meeting time on this one problem alone.

Conservative Salzburg’s councillor commented on various motions.

“When you have two polar opposites that are coming at you in respect to opinions on something, with one side saying you\’re doing too little and the other side saying too much, you probably, within the margins, have arrived at about the right place with the kind of balance you need in order to achieve what you\’re setting out to do,” said Tory.

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The city council discusses affordable housing

After the topic inspired some spirited speeches and some opposition motions, members of the City Council agreed to vote.

In a vote of 23-2 when faced with the question to support revised IZ, revised HR materials from the 2018 AAH conference, and all other relevant materials, only two councillors voted against.


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