What are the Best Air Miles Rewards Cards?

What are the Best Air Miles Rewards Cards?

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Canadians are using credit cards for almost everything they are doing. I am sure you have noted the surge in the number of bonuses being advertised on all platforms telling you to sign up and earn points. Travel rewards credit cards are some of the best places to take advantage of such offers. As the companies and partners line up to entice you, it is your opportunity to milk them when they offer more benefits with their air miles rewards cards. This is something I have been doing for the last four years and I trot the globe like a superstar.

With so many air miles rewards credit cards on offer, it can be extremely difficult to choose which one suits your travel needs. That is why I took time to rank some of the most popular air travel credit cards Canada has to offer.

How does the Air Miles Credit Card work?

The Air Miles Rewards Program is very popular in Canada. Holders of the rewards card can earn miles across Canada. While there are so many cards to choose from, the only Air Miles card providers are American Express Credit Cards and Bank Of Montreal Credit Cards.An air miles rewards card enables users to earn miles when they use the card. One of the simplest ways to earn miles is using a BMO MasterCard. The earnings can be as good as 1 Air Mile for $15 spent.

Another way of earning miles is swiping the card at LCBO, Shell, and other partner outlets. When I buy gas worth $60 at Shell, I get 2 miles.

Many Canadians are fond of it. It can earn you thousands of miles. Promotions are probably the best source of miles in Canada.

If you have some free cash, you can also visit the Air Miles site and buy miles.

Now the Ranking of the Best Air Miles Rewards Cards

When determining which card is the best, you have to look at factors such as acceptance, issuing institution, cost of ownership and ease of redemption among others.

Obviously, Canadians have varied opinions about which reward card is the best, because each of the cards has its pros and cons. That said, I think the following cards offer the best deals and are widely suitable for miles enthusiasts across the country.

  1. American Express Gold Rewards Card
  2. BMO World Elite MasterCard
  3. Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express
  4. RBC Visa Infinite Avion

What makes these the best air miles rewards cards, you ask.

First, these cards have incredible sign-up bonuses. For example, the RBC Visa Infinite Avion comes with 15,000 points when you enroll. Personally, I cannot sign up with a card if it does not offer bonus points.

I have looked at the minimum spending amount for many cards and I can tell you that most of these cards are irresistible in this respect.

What is your best air miles rewards card? Sometimes it is very difficult to separate the wheat from chaff when it comes to air miles cards. However, the sure thing is that credit card companies are trying to outdo each other with special discounts, sign up bonuses and loyalty points. Consider the list given here to increase your wealth, at least in terms of miles.

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