Find the Best Internet Plans in your area

Find the Best Internet Service Provider in your area

You can now search for the best ISP in the market by using the state-of-the-art comparison tools to find all best internet plans available in your area. 

Best High-Speed & Unlimited Internet Plans

Compare & Find the Best Internet Plans and Providers in your area

Offerhub is the most reliable tool to help you find the best deal on internet packages and choose the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Canada. It will assist you in comparing high-speed and unlimited internet plans offered at the best rate on the land. When looking for the best internet provider, and the best internet package, you need to consider the following factors: The internet option deals offered by different ISPs. Comparison between available Cabled Internet and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). Access to and availability of no-contract high-speed internet plans.

Offerhub’s List of the Internet Providers with the Best Internet Plans in Canada

There are many internet providers in the market today which makes it even more challenging when choosing the best and the most affordable internet plans. You can now search for the best ISP in the market by the use of effective comparison tools found at to get all internet plans available. These range from unlimited internet plans to high-speed internet plans.

Popular Internet Providers in Canada

Some of the best internet providers in Canada include:

Internet Providers Canada

Most users fail due to the assumption that the most known and expensive internet providers are the best in terms of speed and reliability; well this is not always the case. overlooks this assumption and helps you to compare and select your desired internet speed at the best cost in Canada. This helps you to save some coins from your monthly expenditure.

Different Internet Types Offered In Canada

Below are different modes in which internet services are provided in Canada. The mode of internet selected differs in speeds, reliability, and cost. These modes are:

Cable Internet 

This offers high-speed internet to its users but its major limitation is that it is shared among all the connected users; hence the speeds may vary from time to time depending on the number of connected users in a given location. It is mainly offered by cable TV providers in Canada. Cable internet is provided by your Cable TV provider and it is much faster than DSL. Presently, cable internet is more widely available than fiber optic internet. However, it has a downside. Because cable internet bandwidth is shared with other users in your area, your internet speed will be slow if lots of people start using the cable internet service at once.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) 

This type functions over telephone lines and offers up to 25MbPs download speeds, which is faster than dial-up but slower than cable broadband type. DSL is a type of internet connection that operates over your regular phone line. It is less expensive than other broadband options, dial-up internet and offers download speeds as fast as 25 Mbps.

Fiber Optics Internet 

Uses an optical network to provide internet connections. It is the fastest mode of internet providers available in Canada. Fibre optic internet is relatively new and is only available in limited areas. It is the fastest internet connection and operates with the help of fibre optic technology using light.

Satellite Internet

This mode uses satellites to direct internet connections to users with satellite receiver dishes. It is most ideal for internet provision in remote areas. However, this mode is the slowest and the most expensive. Satellite internet connections use satellites to deliver internet signals to users in areas where other connections such as cable, fibre optic and even DSL are not available. An important thing to remember is that satellite internet connections are both slow and more expensive than other types.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Internet Plans in Canada

Our tools will help you to compare and select different internet plans in Canada. Below are three major factors that you need to take into consideration when shopping for an internet plan;

  • Internet Speed – You should always settle for a plan that provides a high-speed and reliable internet connection.
  • Cost – Different providers have different charges. You should always go for the package that is most affordable and within your budget. A plan that gives you value for your money.
  • Unlimited Internet Plans – If you need constant access to the internet, it is advisable to choose a high-speed unlimited internet package compares different internet packages based on:

  • High-speed Internet plans in Canada.

  • Unlimited Internet Plans in Canada.

  • Low-cost Internet Plans in Canada.

Some of the ISP in Canada have invested heavily in marketing, thus luring most users. But there are many other local providers who have better internet deals that will save you money and time. You should always compare as many local ISP as possible to land on the best internet deal available in Canada today. 

Finding the Best High-Speed and Unlimited Internet Deal in Canada

Quality and a reliable internet connection can be a bit expensive, but here are a number of ways through which you can get the best deal:

  • Rent or Purchase a Modem/ Router – Some ISP lease or let out routers to help you cut down on the coat of initial installation. This option is suitable for users who only need an internet connection for a short period of time. For long time users, it is cheaper and advisable to buy a router or a modem compatible with your ISP’s.
  • Internet Speeds – You should first understand your internet speed needs with reference to upload and download speeds. If your needs are just basic internet use, you can settle for a slower internet connection and avoid spending too much on speeds that you will never use. 
  • Contract – You should always indicate the duration of your subscription to any internet plan when signing up for a given package to avoid inconveniences and costs of termination.

What internet speed do you need?

Signing up for a cheap internet plan might not be the best decision if you’re stuck in the middle of something important due to slow download speeds. Well, time is money so you need to choose the right internet plan that offers the internet speed you need.

It is fairly easy to figure out the internet speed you need. In fact, all you have to do is to determine the kind of internet user you are. If you are a heavy user, you need to select a plan with the highest possible speed and unlimited bandwidth. With the wide variety of super-fast fiber optic internet and packages to choose from, you can surely find a product that will meet your needs.

What Internet Plan Should you Choose?

If you’re just starting out and have no idea about how much internet you will use, it is better to choose an entry-level service. A basic broadband connection is good enough for light internet users. For example, if you only want to check your email and watch a video clip occasionally, you don’t need to pay for a super-fast internet connection.

Those of you who love downloading music, movies and just can’t stop streaming Netflix need a high-speed internet connection. You are also classified as a heavy user if you are a huge fan of online gaming.

People running home-based businesses prefer to sign up for broadband internet packages that are tailored to the special needs of an enterprise.

Remember that while download times, megabits, upload speed, and download speed is important, internet speed solely should not influence your decision. It is seen that a reliable internet connection that offers speeds of 2Mbps is sufficient to carry out daily activities. You can choose an internet connection offering 8 Mbps speed to watch YouTube videos, share pictures, play online games and check your Facebook profile without problems. helps you to know more about high-speed internet plans that are available in your area. You can use the comparison tool to select a plan that best suits your bandwidth and internet speed requirements with great ease.


Comparing High-Speed Internet Plans

There are many and different high-speed internet plans from different providers offered in Canada. Such high-speed internet packages are ideal if you have heavy pages to load and saves you time when surfing the net. will help you to compare all the internet packages by their speeds and prices to give you the most reliable and cost-effective plan. prompts you to enter your postal code and select the internet option you want. It also gives you a list of all the high-speed internet packages and internet providers in Canada.

Comparing Unlimited Internet Packages in Canada

The unlimited internet gives you complete and constant access to the internet for people who need to be always online and constantly using the internet. There are many internet service providers in Canada offering unlimited internet plans for a fixed cost per month. To choose the best in terms of speed and price, will allow you to compare all the unlimited internet packages which have no usage limit or extra costs.

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What are the best internet service providers near me?

That is one of the most highly-searched questions about the topic in virtually all parts of the globe. Consider yourself lucky if you live in an area where there’s a variety of internet service providers. Not a whole lot of consumers have multiple options, particularly those who live in the countryside. But, having different choices for ISPs in your area can be a bit tricky. The aggressive advertising of these providers doesn’t really provide much help. When comparing the internet service providers near you, ignore the marketed speed. Instead, look at the data yourself because sometimes, the faster the speed is, the lesser options you’ll have.

High-Speed Internet Services You Can Choose in Your Area

Before choosing the best ISP near you, it’s important that you understand the internet services up for grabs. There are three primary types of high-speed internet in the market today: DSL, cable, and fiber optic. They are all broadband services, which basically means they are exceptionally faster than conventional dial-up.

Digital Subscriber Line Internet

DSL utilizes a local phone line that taps on a separate frequency to provide high-speed internet. The download speeds for a typical DSL bundle is about 1 Mbps. This is a relatively good speed for casual data use like browsing the web and checking emails. The speed can be boosted up to 7 Mbps, which is enough for standard audio/video streaming. Some ISPs offer DSL speed bundles as high as 20 Mbps.


Cable Internet

A cable internet service utilizes cable wires to provide high-speed internet. It delivers faster internet speeds than DSL. It tends to be more reliable as well. The highest download speed tier for cable internet is around 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps. For most households, 100 Mbps is enough even when there are multiple devices connected to the web.


Fiber Optic Internet

As of the moment, fiber optic is the fastest high-speed internet service. Its standard download speed tier is 25 Mbps to 75 Mbps, which is almost parallel with cable internet. However, its upload speed is the fastest with 5 Mbps (compared to cable with 1 Mbps or less, and DSL with only 0.5 Mbps). Fiber optic internet is not as widely available as DSL and cable services since it doesn’t use phone lines and cables.

The Internet Services Available Where You Live

Now that you have an idea about what internet service options you have, it’s time to find the best internet provider near you. To shop for what’s around your place, we recommend that you key in your postal code at Upon keying in your code, the site will list down the internet service providers near your area.

The Internet Speed that You Need

Nobody wants a slow internet connection. However, most high-speed services are rarely cheap. You’ll want to find that sweet spot between slow but cheap and fast but expensive service. One of the ways to do so is to understand bandwidth. In simple terms, bandwidth is the optimum rate of which you’re able to download internet data to your computer. A good analogy for bandwidth is a water hose. Imagine you’re to fill a 50-gallon tank with water. If the hose you have can only transfer 2 gallons of water per minute, you’ll have to wait for 25 minutes to fill up the tank. However, if you have a huge hose that can put a gallon of water per second, the tank will be filled in a minute or so. The size of the water hose is your bandwidth. The bigger it is, the more data you can download in a short amount of time.

So, how much bandwidth do you need?

That depends on how you – and the household – use the internet. Internet service providers provide a bandwidth that is to be shared among all devices connected to the web. Video streaming generally eats up a lot of bandwidth. If your household tends to stream movies, videos, and music all the time, you need a high-speed service, preferably an unlimited one. Online games don’t need much bandwidth to play with. But because most of the online video games are huge files, they can take a lot of bandwidth when downloaded. But, if you only use the internet for general web surfing, occasional social media engagement, and email checking, you don’t need a large one. In fact, 1 Mbps is enough for these actions. Take note that the speed you sign up for from an internet service provider isn’t the speed you always get. Aside from the number of users on your connection, other variables can affect your internet speed. One is your hardware. Another is your location. If you live in the city, there’s a high probability you can find internet service providers that offer high-speed connection. You can even find a fiber optic service in some parts of Canada. However, for those in rural areas, a satellite link is typically the only choice.  

Shop Around for Reliable Internet Service Providers Near You

Before giving in to the temptation of a great ISP advertisement, it’s wise to compare internet service providers near your area. provides valuable comparisons between ISPs based on your zip code. You’ll have to decide based on several factors. Here are some of them you need to prioritize:

  • Speed

This is arguably the most important factor you need to think about. All internet service providers emphasize the speed they offer. The thing you need to be concerned about is the ISP’s download speed – that is, if you don’t need the internet for uploading purposes. It’s also important to check the speed covered for cable services. Unlike DSL and fiber optic services, cable service tends to vary depending on the time of the day. It’s impossible to accurately pinpoint how fast the speed will be every minute of the day. But in general, if the internet service provider is near your home, you’ll likely get a high-speed connection.

  • Data Caps

Some ISPs put a monthly “cap” on the data a consumer can use. This is to ensure that everybody gets a fair share of the bandwidth. Regular Netflix and YouTube viewers often eat up a lot of data. For connections with data caps, your speed slows down to a crawl or stops completely when the cap is reached. Now, if you only surf the web and check emails, there’s a huge chance you won’t even reach the data cap your ISP has set.

  • Bundles

If you already have an existing phone service, cable service, or perhaps, a satellite service, check if the provider offers internet services as well. Most of the time, you can get a better rate through bundled services. You may also do it the other way around. Check with internet service providers in your area if they offer the other services too, then ask for the bundled rate.

Additional Factors to Consider

  • Introductory Rates
  • Service Add-ons (ex. antivirus software)
  • Customer Service
  • “Local” Offerings

Comparing ISPs is an important step you shouldn’t neglect. You don’t have to suffer when deciding what the best internet provider in your area is. 

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