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Things to Know About Car Insurance in Edmonton

With the number of cars continuously increasing in Edmonton, the car insurance industry has been growing as well. But this doesn’t mean those car owners should just pick any auto insurance provider right away. They should be well-informed first about everything in car insurance, so they can choose the best provider and the best deal they can get.

Getting Auto Insurance Quotes in Edmonton

Don’t inquire in just one or two companies. Different car insurance providers in Edmonton have different rates to offer, so it much wiser to compare more quotes to be able to choose the best one. The idea is for you to choose the insurance company that offers the lowest possible interest rate to insure your vehicle. However, there are a lot of car insurance companies all over Edmonton and it will be very hard to compare the rates between all of them. It will also take a very long time to do so. We at (company name) can help you choose much easier with the online auto insurance quotes that we offer. We compare the rates of all insurance companies in Edmonton for your convenience.

Mandatory Car Insurance in Edmonton

All vehicles in the province of Alberta are mandated to be insured first before they can be taken out on the road. A minimum coverage of $200,000 from the chosen insurance company is required before vehicles can be registered. In Alberta, driving an uninsured and unregistered car is illegal.

No-Fault Insurance

Alberta has no-fault insurance like all of the Canadian provinces. In this type of insurance, the vehicles involved in road accident must go to their respective insurance companies no matter which party is at fault. The insurance holder should claim the financial benefits for their car from their own insurance company.

Driving & Auto insurance in Edmonton

Edmonton is a fast-growing economy in Canada. Nicknamed as “Gateway to the North”, it is the capital city of Alberta and the 2nd largest city in the province. The city’s development is associated with its large-scale oil and mining industry. Because of the booming economy, Edmonton is also experiencing growth in population and infrastructure. There’s also been a fast increase in the number of vehicles because of the new roads that connect the whole city from St. Albert to Summerside. A must-have for every Edmontonian who drives is a car insurance. Whether you drive through the Calgary Trail, Canadian Prairies or anywhere in Edmonton, it is important that your vehicle is protected. Just recently, the rates have dropped in the city. It is the perfect time for car owners to search and find the best insurance deals that they can get. Check out (company website) and compare the latest offers from the top auto insurance providers in Edmonton.

Edmonton Driving Tips to secure the lowest insurance rates

      • School zone speed limit is 30km/h. Make sure that you drive slower around school zones. A speed limit of 30km/h has just been introduced lately to provide safety to students. Still, many drivers do not follow this rule especially around Duggan School and McKernan School. Don’t be one of them.
      • Winter tires are mandated during heavy snow. Winter in the city lasts longer and longer each year. With snow storms dropping up to 30 cm, every vehicle must be protected from sliding on the very slippery Edmonton roads.
      • Always keep right. If you are taking your time to drive, better keep your car on the right side of the road. Slower vehicles in Edmonton usually leave the left lane as a courtesy to other drivers who want to speed up.
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