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Get the Best Car Insurance Quotes in Canada

Ever wanted to find the best car insurance in Canada? Like many other people in this age, your vehicle is no doubt an essential part of your daily life. Going to work without it is almost unimaginable, same as going to get groceries in a cab. This is the more reason why you need to get the best protection possible for your car. With Aviva, you can rest assured that somebody, somewhere has got you covered. Getting the perfect car insurance just got simpler. Your type of car does not matter here, be it an SUV, a truck or a minivan, you can always trust Aviva for your car insurance. Their coverage is flexible and you can easily customize it to suit your needs, whether all you want is basic insurance or a more expanded coverage with features like rental car insurance or roadside assistance. Their services are top-notch and they are available round the clock. Aviva has a Claims Service Satisfaction Guarantee that always strives to get you up and about in no time at all.

What affects your car insurance rate?

Different strokes for different folks is the approach we use when talking about your car insurance rate in Canada. A lot of factors are considered in determining the price of insurance for any driver. The factors include:

  • The nature of coverage desired and the accompanying deductible(s)
  • The model of your vehicle, its make, and year of production
  • Your level of use
  • Your mileage per year
  • Number of drivers being insured
  • Your driving experience as well as the experience of the other drivers being insured

What kind of savings can you get with car insurance offers?

Every customer wants the best auto coverage at the cheapest possible price. This is exactly what Aviva offer: extremely flexible coverage with unbeatable reliability and savings. Various discounts are also on offer, meaning you can save even much more. You are eligible for a discount if:

  • You bundle your home and auto policies with Aviva
  • You are a retiree
  • You are insuring more than one vehicle with Aviva
  • You are able to maintain a clean driving experience

Types of Car insurance coverage

Choosing a particular category/type of coverage depends majorly on the level of protection desired for your car.

  • Collision and Upset coverage cover the cost of repair in case of collision with another vehicle or objects such as street lights.
  • Formerly referred to as Comprehensive coverage, ‘Coverage against perils other than collision or upset’ covers against unforeseen occurrences such as theft, vandalism, fire or natural disasters.
  • The two coverages mentioned above are comfortably granted under ‘All perils protection’
  • Specific perils coverage selectively covers some dangers such as attempted theft, actual theft, civil disturbances, riots, or some natural disasters.

Vehicle-based car insurance coverage

The laws of Canada have made obtaining car insurance liability coverage compulsory for all vehicles. There are, however, still other factors that should be considered to get an ideal vehicle-based coverage. The type of vehicle about to be insured is one of the major determinants of the nature or type of insurance needed. Owners of a new car, for example, tend to prefer policies that offer the total cost of replacement or repair if the car is involved in an accident.

Car Insurance Coverage Based on Your Driving Habits

Your frequency of driving and driving record should also be considered before opting for an insurance coverage. ‘Intact Insurance’ is designed for drivers with a clean record and we will take care of your first at-fault accident if you are under this coverage. In addition to that, there will be no increase in your premium as a direct consequence of the accident. Your driving record is also unaltered if you are currently on an Intact Insurance auto insurance policy. During a second at-fault accident, Intact insurance treats the accident as if it was your first and your driving record is altered to show one at-fault accident.

Minor Conviction Protection

Many people have their premiums skyrocket simply because of a speeding ticket. If you are concerned about how a minor conviction could affect your premium, you can put your mind to rest by choosing our Minor Conviction Protection. If you are under this coverage, your first minor conviction will have no influence on your premium. My Driving Discount This special program is designed to reward drivers who consistently put safety first. As much as 25% of your premium could be saved if you are found to have ‘good driving behaviour’ Uber Ridesharing There’s great news for Uber drivers in Ontario! A commercial policy that offers coverage right from the moment an Uber ride request is accepted to the moment the passenger exits the vehicle is on offer under ‘Intact’. Turo Car Sharing By now you should already be aware of Turo, the online marketplace that allows private car owners put their car to use when they do not need it, affording extra income. Turo is perfectly safe and the final decision of whether a person borrows your car or not lies with you. Get the best value for your money with car insurance and home insurance bundles from Intact insurance Car insurance has never been simpler. Just a single bill, no multiple payments, and only one renewal date also. Savings and payments on your car insurance At Intact Insurance, our goal is to ensure all drivers are met at their points of need. We collaborate with independent brokers to get the coverage and a premium amount that suits you best. You can always contact a broker if you are finding it difficult to understand the myriad of coverage options available. A wide array of payment methods has also been provided, just for your convenience. Car insurance claims Though it’s true everyone wishes for an accident-free driving experience, we cannot all get what we wish for. In case of any eventuality, you may need to make a car insurance claim. We strongly believe making your claim and getting a response should not be an arduous task. 30 Minute Claims Guarantee Our effective and efficient claim representatives are always on hand to listen to your claims. You can be assured that you claim would be initiated within 30 minutes of calling in.

Get The Best Car Insurance Quotes in Canada

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Get the Best Car Insurance Quotes in Canada

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