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Getting the lowest possible rate for your car insurance is really simple. All you have to do is complete our easy-to-follow quote form online with your vehicle and driver information. You can get the lowest rate from our network of licensed insurance professionals within minutes. Our system is designed to impartially match your rate with the insurance company that offers the lowest insurance rate in Toronto. We highly encourage you to be one of over 1 million Canadians who have secured a great deal of savings in their auto insurance plan.

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Finding the best auto insurance need not to be complicated. When you already have your auto insurance quote through our system, our company will connect you with a licensed insurance broker for you to start your car insurance purchase to get a lock-in of your rate to ensure savings in your plan. We simplified the process of car insurance shopping to make sure you’ll have a hassle-free experience in finding a cost-effective plan that suits your needs and preferences.

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We provide updates when a better rate pops up in the market. This is to give policyholders more options to get more efficient insurance coverage. This service is free of charge and you can even choose the frequency of receiving updates based on your preference. You can also receive notifications from us regarding your next insurance renewal to make sure you avoid unnecessary fines when accidents occur.

Things You Should Know on Car Insurance in Toronto Downtown

Many think that insurance companies charge about the same for a car and driver profile, but little did they know that the rates can vary significantly. It is important to compare the rates and coverage of the different companies to secure a cost-effective policy that suits your requirements. But doing it manually can be a tedious job, so using an online comparison tool is your best bet. OfferHub.ca is an online car insurance rate comparison tool created to provide a hassle-free experience to car owners looking for a cost-effective auto insurance policy. With its network of brokers and agents, it caters fast, real-time quotes free of charge. Users are assured of being provided with impartial and objective quotes since OfferHub.ca is not owned in whole or in part by any insurance company or its affiliates. We guarantee you will find the lowest rate possible with our partnership with a wide network of professional insurance brokers continually following the rates of a wide array of companies the insurance industry.

Toronto Downtown Car Insurance

Toronto has monstrous traffic. It is the most populous city in Canada, which is also home to countless vehicles. Being a busy city alongside drivers with skills that vary considerably and endless road constructions popping here and there, driving in the city can be discouraging at times. However, drivers should not be discouraged in finding an affordable car insurance that suits their driving profile, needs and preferences. With our service, you can instantly get real-time quotes from a wide array of car insurance companies. These quotes are absolutely free of charge!

Car Insurance Shoppers in Toronto Downtown

According to an insurance data, even though Toronto Downtown is notorious for its traffic conditions, the city has a low accident and ticket rate with 8.07% and 9.30% respectively. The average age of our users is 35.5 years. 71.4% are male and 28.6% are female.

Facts and Myths of Driving in Toronto Downtown


  • Highway 401 in Toronto is North America’s busiest freeway. No, we’re not kidding.
  • Toronto Downtown’s busiest intersection is Yonge and Dundas. It has an hourly average of 2,000 vehicles and 600 pedestrians travelling through.
  • Auto insurance fraud is abundant in Greater Toronto Area. In fact, 83% of Ontario’s auto insurance fraud cases are in that part of Toronto, according to Ontario Anti-Fraud Task Force.
  • Honda Civic LX4DR is the most in-demand car among auto insurance shoppers in Toronto Downtown.


  • The most populated city in Canada is Toronto. It is actually Vancouver. Toronto is just 2nd, according to surveys.
  • It is illegal in Toronto to tow hotdog carts that don’t have trailer plates. According to Highway Traffic Act, hot dog carts don’t require to have plates because they are not trailers.
  • Bad drivers are all over the roads of Toronto. Drivers in the city were only part of 5.3% vehicular accidents in Ontario. Toronto drivers also just hold 2.1% of the driving tickets issued in the entire province.

Driving Tips to reduce your car insurance in Toronto Downtown

  1. Be mindful if you are passing through the town center. There is always a heavy traffic because of an ongoing construction at the Edlinton Crosstown Line. This light rail project will run along the entire Eglinton Avenue, from Etobicoke to Scarborough.
  2. Most streets in Toronto Downtown have speed limit signs. But if you don’t see one, make sure to run below 50 km/hr. That is the default speed limit.
  3. Streetcars are all over Toronto Downtown. If you encounter one that stops to open its doors, make sure that you don’t proceed and pass between the streetcar and the sidewalk. Stop, allow the streetcar doors to close, and then you can go.
  4. Make sure that you give way for the buses. In Toronto, buses are always have the right of way so they can approach the bus stops.

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