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People shopping for a new plan know exactly what they’re getting with Freedom Mobile because the company tells them outright: they’re getting an affordable alternative to huge networks that those within its coverage network could use at a much lower premium than other brands. They offer a wide range of choices in terms of plans with different data limits for different needs. They even sell their own mobile devices.

Their mission as a company is to provide cheap phones with cheap payment plans to match, which boast low rates charged to the customer in flat monthly fees and free of data overage charges. Their honest presentation is almost as enticing as their cheap plans. Read on to see the best plans that they offer and more in-depth descriptions of their options, policies, and some of their limitations.

Overview of Freedom Mobile’s Plans

As previously mentioned, the main draw to Freedom Mobile is the comparative cheapness of their flat-rate monthly plans. Here is a guide to their most popular plans and the features that differentiate them.

Best Unlimited Data/High-Data Plans

Freedom Mobile boasts several unlimited data plans when you’re making calls from within Canada in the service’s primary network. These include a plan starting at as little as $50 per month with unlimited text and data. The only limitation is that its upload and download speeds become reduced after 10GB. This streaming speed reduction represents a trend in Freedom Mobile’s plans: it’s their alternative to data overage charges.

- 25% Freedom Mobile –  Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 15GB

Specification: Freedom Mobile – Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 15GB

Mobile Data Unlimited
Calling Minutes Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
Messaging Unlimited International Messages
Mobile Data Details 15 GB at Max Speed
$80.00 $60.00

The main thing to remember with this and all of Freedom Mobile’s plans is the difference between their main Freedom service and their Freedom Nationwide service.

On the default Freedom service, which will be displayed as such on your phone, you will be connected to Freedom Mobile’s LTE, 3G, or Extended Range networks in Canada when you are in the areas that they cover. When you are outside those areas in Canada, your phone will automatically tap into one of Freedom Mobile’s partner networks (your phone will say “Nationwide” under the service tab to indicate that your service is roaming).

When in this mode, your rates and data limits change.

For instance, on the cheapest Freedom Mobile Plan (“Big GIG Unlimited 10GB”), you have access to unlimited talk and data on Freedom’s network. However, on the Freedom Nationwide network, your text is still unlimited, but your data is capped at 500GB per month and talk is a $0.05 per minute charge.

This is important to remember when choosing a plan. Based on your needs, including whether you plan on travelling with this plan, you may want to purchase options with more features on the travelling version of the plan, which are detailed below.

Best Talk and Text Plans

Once you go beyond their cheapest unlimited plan, Freedom Mobile’s flat-rate service plans all include unlimited talk and text regardless of whether you’re using the Freedom service or the Freedom Nationwide travelling network.

The main difference between the plans is the data limit on the Freedom Nationwide plans and the cap on fast streaming speeds for the unlimited Freedom data plans. These factors determine the price of the plan.

Freedom Mobile –  Promo Freedom Nationwide Talk + Text + 2.5GB

Specification: Freedom Mobile – Promo Freedom Nationwide Talk + Text + 2.5GB

Calling Minutes Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
Messaging Unlimited International Messages
Mobile Data 2.5 GB

Regardless, all these plans feature unlimited calls to Canada, unlimited incoming calls from anywhere, and unlimited global picture, text, and video messaging. Their plans go up in $5 to $10 increments as the data limits become more generous.

For instance, their $60 per month plan features data limited to 1GB on the Freedom Nationwide side and a streaming speed cap on 10GB on the normal plan. Everything else is unlimited.

This increases incrementally up to the most premium Canadian plan, which offers 2GB of data on the Freedom Nationwide side and a streaming speed cap of 30GB on the Freedom plan within their network.

At the top of their listed plans, Freedom Mobile offers more expensive plans with unlimited calls that extend to the US as well. For those that plan on using their Freedom Mobile plan while travelling for business, these options are a must.

In addition to the unlimited talk, text, and data on the Freedom plan, two plans from Freedom Mobile offer unlimited calls to the US for $85 and $115 a month. The difference once again is the data cap on the Freedom Nationwide aspect of the plan, which offers 3GB and 5GB respectively. Top streaming speeds are capped at 15GB and 35GB respectively on these plans as well.

Best Data-Only Plans

Those looking for plans that allow them to use mobile data but don’t need the ability to make outgoing calls used to have many more options with Freedom Mobile than they do at the present time. These were their least popular plans, and most have been removed from their service offerings in the last couple of years.

- 17% Freedom Mobile –  Freedom 500MB

Specification: Freedom Mobile – Freedom 500MB

Mobile Data 500 MB
Calling Minutes Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
Messaging Unlimited International Messages
$30.00 $25.00

At this point, their plans all include unlimited talk and text in Canada. Since the data increases are the only factor that significantly changes the price of each plan, plans that are data-only have been weeded out of their offerings and their promotions.

Best Prepaid Plan

Freedom Mobile also offers several prepaid plans that do not include their unlimited offerings on the main service plans. Instead, these plans are charged at a prepaid flat rate per month and feature unlimited text but a finite amount of data and talk.

Freedom Mobile –  Nationwide Talk + Text

Specification: Freedom Mobile – Nationwide Talk + Text

Calling Minutes Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
Messaging Unlimited International Messages

The cheapest of these start at $15 and includes unlimited text, 100 minutes of calls to Canada, and 250MB of data.

Subsequent plans increase in increments of $5 per month and include more data up to 9GB on the Freedom plan and 500MB on Freedom Nationwide’s service for $55 a month. Freedom Mobile also features a plan for tablets only. It costs $15 a month for 4GB of data and $0.05/mb for data on the Freedom Nationwide network.

Popular and Exclusive Features on Freedom Mobile’s Plans

The main draw to the Freedom Mobile network is its promise to never charge overages on data usage. Freedom Mobile offers popular wireless deals like their offer to switch directly from other providers with no hassles. They also offer frequent and lucrative promotions that entice people to join their service from other networks despite the relatively limited coverage.

The streaming speeds on their data coverage below the GB limit is competitive. The fact that they only service certain populated areas in Canada means that people who live in those areas are perfectly willing to pay less for a dedicated network.

Outside of its Canadian network’s coverage, Freedom Mobile also offers its Nationwide service through its partners’ networks. This allows you to continue using your Freedom Mobile plan even when you’re making calls outside of Canada. Different rates and limits, discussed above, apply to this version of your plan.

The many choices for which plan you prefer is another draw to Freedom Mobile. They allow you to buy plans specifically for your needs: how much data you plan on using and in which region. Combined with their affordable plan prices starting at $50 a month and their frequent promotions, it’s no wonder that Freedom Mobile is one of the most popular networks in the areas it services.


As for Freedom Mobile’s plans, they offer a variety of choices based around buying the data you need per month. The data cap on fast streaming speeds and the data limit on the Freedom Nationwide network outside of Canada are the main factors that change the price of their plans, which start as low as $50 per month. They also offer dedicated tablet data plans for those that don’t need to make calls. They reduce streaming speeds on data over the data cap but never charge overages no matter how much you use on the main Freedom network within Canada.

Freedom Mobile has downsized its data-only plans in the last few years, but they continue to expand their service coverage in and around Canada. For those that live in the areas they service, Freedom Mobile is one of the most popular (and more importantly, most affordable) plans available.


8.5 Total Score
Freedom Mobile Reviews

Freedom Mobile is one of the most widely used mobile networks in the areas it services in Canada. Particularly in dense city areas in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, their service network rivals even more global carriers. They also offer plans for purchasing devices directly from Freedom Mobile so your entire phone bill can be set up through one plan.

  • Low-price unlimited talk, text, and data plans when in the main Freedom Mobile network
  • Affordable options for mobile devices
  • Large variety of plans to meet any needs
  • Coverage with partner networks outside of Canada
  • No data overage charges
  • Data speed is reduced to 256 kbps when you reach the data cap
  • Limited coverage outside of the main network
  • Limited options in terms of data-only plans
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