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Best Fizz Cell Phone Plans

Quebecor has come out with a low-cost wireless brand that is specifically designed for the customers that have prepaid accounts with a lower value. This segment of the market makes up around 15% of the entire wireless consumers in Canada. Quebecor is a Montreal-based telecommunications company that owns and operates Videotron.

Fizz is its affordable brand that will be providing services to users in Quebec and Ottawa. The company started its beta testing sometime in the year 2018 and launched full-time services in April, 2019. If you’ve been looking for high-speed wireless at great prices, you could consider signing up for Fizz.

Fizz Has a Selection of Plans at Great Prices that You Can Choose From

Should you scout around the plans and pricing structures that Quebecor has to offer, you’re sure to find something that matches your needs. Do keep in mind that you’ll also pay the applicable taxes and cost of purchasing the SIM card. Whatever may be the plan you choose, you can avail of some basic facilities. For instance, each month the unused data will be rolled over or carried into your limit for the next month. In case you use up more than the data allotted to you according to the terms of the plan, you’ll avail of high-speed data as long as the plan allows it. After you cross the limit, the plan automatically switches to low-speed. In other words, you’ll continue to get access to the data but at slower speeds. As Quebecor describes its newest venture, the service is “lightning-quick … without the frills, fees and extras.” Fizz is a result of the directives issued by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to develop low-cost data plans that would cater to the low-tier demographic. Incidentally, all the three major players in the arena, Rogers Communications Inc., BCE Inc., and Telus Corp. have also released affordable plans to capture the low-income market.

But, how do the plans work for you – the customer?

Here’s a quick look at the plans Fizz has to offer.  

Best Unlimited Data/High Data Plans

If you’ve been looking for monthly plans that provide just internet data, you can choose the plan worth $38 for 8GB of data. The plan also includes a Wi-Fi modem and an All-in-One router. You can set up a fixed schedule when the Wi-Fi will turn off automatically. This feature is helpful if you’re a lone user and away from home a lot. You can also avail of band steering between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and the ability to test your internet speeds. Wi-Fi channel optimization is another positive of this plan.

Best Talk and Text Plans

Users who regularly make calls to locations across Canada and the U.S. should opt for the $80 plan that provides unlimited calls. In addition to unlimited talk time, you’ll get unlimited messages along with 16GB of data. This prepaid plan gives you one line per account. However, if most of the calls you make per month are only to locations in the province of Quebec, the $44 plan is appropriate for you. This prepaid plan provides you 8GB data with unlimited talk time and unlimited texts.

Best Data Only Plans

The plan for $76 with 20GB of data is possibly the best option for users who need only internet coverage. As with other plans, the cost may vary a little depending on the locations where you’ll use the data facility. For instance, if you live in Quebec, you’ll pay for $74 for 20GB, but if you need data coverage in both Canada and USA, the cost jumps up to $84. This package also entitles you to the ability of store up to 10 messages in your Voice mail box. Further, if you like, you can select a particular country across the world for a specialized rate card starting at $5. For this cost, you’ll buy a specific number of talk time in minutes.

Best Prepaid Plan

Since Fizz is the most economical prepaid mobile service, you can get a plan at a minimum of $7.20 with additional taxes. Whatever add-ons you need will cost extra and are payable as you go along. You can keep adding talk time, text messages, and data, as needed.

Fizz Has Worked Through the Initial Hiccups Successfully

When Fizz was initially launched, the company intended to end their introductory period on December 19th, 2018. However, this deadline was extended to April 2019. Experts estimate that the company was working through some start-up hiccups that they have now resolved. Here are some of the downsides that users noted at the onset.

  • Text messages longer than 160 characters seemed to get rearranged when delivered.
  • LTE was not functioning as efficiently on the network.
  • Business owners using Fizz were not too happy about the fact that there were times when the online customer data tracking system was not operational.
  • Connecting to numbers in Montreal was often a problem and users would see the 450-error message.
  • If someone called a Fizz number without first adding the area code, they should have seen a message prompt to dial a 10-digit number. Instead, the network would respond saying that the current plan does not permit the call to connect to the number.
  • Users have also talked about problems with customer care. Most queries receive automated text responses.
  • Number portability was not all that efficient. Customers talked about how they would keep receiving “request failed” emails even though the new number was functioning.
  • In case you try to get a new Fizz number, the network did not update the SIM and phone continued to read the old number.

Customers Love that Fizz is Evolving Quickly

Despite the initial setbacks, Fizz seems to be steadily improving. At the time of writing this post, the network has already been a full-service company for around 12 months and counting. Most of the downsides and customer issues have been addressed and Fizz is currently one of the best providers in Canada. According to the research and testing conducted by our team at, placing an order for a SIM and receiving it is an extremely streamlined process. Once you’re ready to install, know that the entire process of activating the SIM and rebooting your phone should not take you more than 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll find the steps clearly outlined and with a user-friendly online interface explaining what needs to be done. And, yes! Customer care has improved significantly and you’ll find that the network is stable with call drops rarely happening. Canada is known for having the highest cellphone bills across the globe. Users have welcomed Fizz that provides great service at prices that are easy on the pocket. If you travel overseas frequently, you can avail of the roaming facility that offer you 1GB data for $5 with coverage across the EU. The validity for this plan is 60 days. But, you always have the option of buying more if needed. The typical user can expect to get by for 5 to 6 days on a cost of $5. Now that’s a great deal as compared to other networks where you’d probably shell out $12 for roaming. Considering that customers can avail of the promotional prices even after the full-service period has started, Fizz is easily the most economical network in Canada today.

Popular and Exclusive Features on the Carriers Plans Offered by Fizz

Fizz offers users a bunch of additional features that are very convenient and suit every budgetary constraint. In all, the company offers a total of 39 plans with the lowest costing $19 per month and the highest going up to $94 per month. During the introductory period, users could sign up for a plan costing $17 for 2GB worth of data.

  • You won’t have to get a contract with the company.
  • You can use your own phone, which means that you won’t need to purchase a new device. Just invest in the SIM card and you’re good to go.
  • Only users in Quebec and Ottawa can subscribe for these services.
  • You’ll choose from a selection of plans that allow you talk time for contacting users in Quebec, in some parts of Ottawa, across Canada, or also in USA.
  • You can opt for plans that only allow unlimited talk time.
  • If you continue using the service over an extended time, you can add up reward points and get additional benefits. The “My Rewards” program has different bonus levels. When you accumulate enough points, you can get add-ons like, say, permanent extra data.
  • Users signing up for the service during the promotional period can continue with the same prices even afterward. The only condition is that you continue with the plan you initially signed up for.
  • Fizz allows you to transfer the data to other users.
  • You won’t have to visit a physical store to sign up for Fizz. The service is entirely digital.

Fizz Mobile Network Coverage

Fizz is owned and operated by Quebecor that also owns Videotron. While Fizz provides coverage in all locations that have Videotron, you can also expect to get services in other regions. This is possible because Quebecor partners with various other companies to provide networks to their users. Aside from cellphone services, you can also get internet for your home. Rest assured that Fizz does have LTE networks also. Currently, you can get coast-to-coast coverage by signing up for Fizz.

About Fizz Mobile

Quebecor Inc is a telecommunications company headquartered in Montreal. Family-owned and operated, the company was established in the year 1965 by Pierre Péladeau. Pierre is known for his commitment to success, vision for the future, open-heartedness, and candour. Quebecor Media has owned Videotron since August 2000 which it bought for CA$ 4.9 billion. In May 2001, Quebecor acquired broadcasting licenses from Vidéotron after getting approval from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, Fizz has started the Regroupement Partage program where members can contribute to providing food to the needy. Each time a user transfers 1GB data to a friend in the Fizz network, the company will donate $1 to the program by way of #datafeedscommunities. This initiative will continue to operate until May 10th, 2020.

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