The Best Cell Phone Plans in Montreal

Every corner of Montreal has a special charm to stop you in your tracks and build great memories – from a memorable drink at Peel Pub, to an exhilarating day out at the Bell Centre. But, as well as a huge variety of historical and artistic activities, Montreal also has high-tech and advanced infrastructures serving different industries. Indeed, Montreal is a forward-facing municipality. It thrives on rapid growth of technology and keeps up with fast-based technological developments – including competitive mobile network coverage.

Top 5 best cell phone plans in Montreal

Here are 5 of Montreal’s best cell phone plans to help you narrow down your cell phone search:

Best Prepaid Plans Montreal

Best Unlimited Data Plans in Montreal

Best Family Data Share Plans in Montreal

Cheapest Cell Phone Plan in Montreal

Montreal residents benefit from some of the world’s best telcosFinding a great mobile network provider isn’t usually a problem for Montrealers. But, it’s still really useful to compare Montreal’s telco services and pinpoint the best cell phone plans in Montreal. Here, we offer some useful pointers to help you determine which provider suits you best:

Best Mobile Carriers in Montreal based on network coverage and reliability 

Don’t discriminate between big and small telcos

As a customer, it’s easy to choose the company with the best reputation and most popular brand name. However, when it comes to choosing a telco, this isn’t always the wisest choice. Small carriers like Mobile Virtual Network Operators, or MVNOs for short, are able to offer coverage services that are just as competitive as the bigger telcos, for a more affordable price. They can do this by buying bulk coverage from bigger companies and selling the service to customers at a lower price point. Google is a popular example of an MVNO.

Go for faster connectivity

These days, it’s not enough to simply call and send messages via your mobile network. Most people like to browse the Internet, check their social media accounts and stream videos and music. All this requires a fast mobile Internet connection. So when you’re looking for a mobile network provider, check for those offering 4G or LTE services, you to stream high-definition videos and music with less buffer. It’s not worth considering a cell phone plan with a 3G connection, as it won’t be able to keep up with today’s minimum mobile app and browsing requirements.

Make sure your area has good coverage

Making sure that your location has good coverage is just as important as ensuring you have at least a 4G or LTE connection. Tools are available to allow you to check your area’s coverage, like offerhubs’ coverage check feature. All you have to do is input your address, and we’ll show you a list of carriers that offer the best coverage in your area    


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