Benefits of Choosing An American Express Credit Card

Benefits of Choosing An American Express Credit Card

With the numerous credit cards available in Canada, deciding which one to use can be a difficult task. However, if you are considering getting a good credit card for your travel and shopping, there are valid reasons why you should choose an American Express Credit Card. A credit card from American Express offers several benefits including Aeroplan Miles, cashback rewards, membership rewards and fraud protection.

Who Doesn’t Love Miles?

American Express has several options for you when it comes to miles rewards. For example, the American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum card gives 50% more for everything you purchase using the card. With this plan, you can now get access to ClassicPlus and Air Canada rewards which take you to more than 800 destinations across the world.

Earn 150 bonus AIR MILES®* Reward Miles1

Specification: American Express® AIR MILES® Gold Business Card

Annual Fees $0
Interest Rate 19.99%
Balance Transfer 22.99%
Cash Advance 24.99%

The American Express Air Miles credit card comes with reward miles for every dollar you spend on purchases. For new card members, it is all joy with the welcome bonus reward miles. Grab an American Express Air Miles card, American Express Air Miles Platinum credit card or American Express Air Miles Reserve credit card and enjoy these miles.

Membership Rewards

American Express has been giving out amazing rewards to its cardholders and it continues to roll out even more goodies. Choose to redeem your points at any of the participating outlets and get rewards. These rewards include iPhone 6, personal blender and Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet maker. There are exciting rewards in other categories including sports & leisure, kitchen, kids, fashion & accessories and travel as well.

Let’s Talk About Signup Rewards

Of course, there are many cashback rewards in Canada, but the American Express credit card is at the top of the list. With cashback rewards of up to 6 percent plus other wonderful promotions, offers from American Express are simply unbeatable.

Just how incredible are these deals? If you shop, let’s say, from any of the participating merchants in Canada using the New SimplyCash card, you will receive a 5 percent cashback reward for six months. Some of the merchants include restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores. After the six months, you will continue to earn 1.25 percent cashback on purchases. Don’t forget that the amount of your cashback rewards is limitless.

Fraud Protection

Did you know that American Express offers complete fraud protection? Apart from screening your transactions regularly, the company offers replacement cards and other form of support. Screening can help detect unusual transactions in your account and help prevent fraudulent activities. With such reliable services, it’s easy to see why American express credit cards are the choice of many Canadians in this era of internet insecurity.

Travel Back-Up

Many companies claim to offer travel back up, but the American Express credit card keeps the promise. Cardholders can get 24/7 emergency assistance, emergency card replacement and emergency card-less transactions thanks to the company’s 2,200 offices in more than 140 countries across the world.

There are just a few of the benefits of Choosing An American Express Credit Card. If you are yet to open an American Express credit card, look at the various rewards and features and give it serious consideration. More details and comparison of these credit cards are available at

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