Best Business Credit Cards in Canada

Get your business credit card work as hard as you do. If your business requires extensive travel, you could choose a business credit card offering travel rewards, travel insurance and discount car rental. Like most businesses, you have several fixed monthly payments to make. Use your business credit card for such expenses and collecting reward points. Small business owners can take advantage of applying for a business credit card and streamline their everyday expenses.

Here are some banks that offer a great selection of business credit cards:

Most Popular
American Express® Business Gold Rewards Card

Specification: American Express® Business Gold Rewards Card

Annual Fees $250
Purchase Interest Rate 30.00%
Balance Transfer Regular Rate N/A
Cash Advance Rate N/A

Business Credit Cards

Business needs are different from personal needs when we talk about customized services. A business, whether it’s a small one or comparatively a larger one, always looks for convenient options for its employees. Hence, offering a proper credit card for a business is a difficult task for credit card providers such as banks. They make this task easy by offering feature-rich packages and lower costs for various business organizations.

There are several kinds of Business Credit Cards. They are specially designed for small businesses, joint-ventures, or large corporations. Banks are offering extra privileges to small and medium-sized enterprises nowadays. These SME offers are valid if you can show progress in your business revenue. As an owner of a small business, you will enjoy free annual fees, small credit limits, multiple user options, and a reasonable interest rate from your credit card. You can get all these features if you consistently make purchases with your card. Your employees will also enjoy special benefits and the annual fee advantages. The various packages include bonus points on you travels, gas tokens, discounts on branded products, etc. You will also get unique support from the customer managers, which is not available in the personal accounts. They will help you to calculate your costs and future possibilities once you are eligible for their credit cards. These cards can make your business transactions easier than ever. You would be free from worries about the security of your cash and the hassles that you have to bear while making payments.

If you are the owner of corporate business, there is a wide range of options that you can choose from. The corporate packages include larger loan benefits and credit limits. As the number of employees working in your company is greater than a small business, you will get some extra services. For instance, you will be eligible for special travel costs with first-class services in the airlines as you need to travel frequently on business occasions. You can make unlimited transactions with these credit cards. You will also get a prioritized service from their customer support section. Occasionally, banks offer their gold memberships for free to the corporate employees. Limits are withdrawn mostly because of the need of a huge rate of transactions.

Credit cards, specialized for businesses are efficient in terms of their time-saving, cost-effective features. Faster transactions ensure better business values. Security is also a major concern for businesses. The authorization procedures and secured transaction options are provided to different businesses for confirming security and flexibility.

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