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Get 5x the points on takeout, groceries and more

Signup/Welcome Bonus Offered from BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite

While the first requirement to earn the welcome bonus is a bit hefty, it will definitely pay off. If you can spend $3000 on your card within 90 days of activation, you’ll receive a staggering 25,000 bonus points just for that. On your 1st year anniversary of registering the card, another 15,000 bonus points will be added to your balance to be spent however you wish. On top of the 40,000 points you can earn in the first year, the annual fee will also be waived, so you will not need to spend the $120 dollars until your second year of card ownership.
  • Get up to 40,000 points and the $120 annual fee waived in the first year
  • 5x times the points for every $1 spent on groceries, dining in and out, gas and transit
  • Earn 10% more points on all purchases when you add an authorized user to your account
  • Diverse and inclusive insurance coverage
  • Affordable annual fee
  • High earn rate on frequent purchases
  • High earn rate with meaningful rewards

The BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite card has one of the highest earning rates out there. On your most frequent purchase categories (gas, transit, and groceries/restaurant purchases) you’ll receive a whopping 5 points per dollar spent. On all other purchases you’ll receive only 1 point per dollar spent. Although quite a discrepancy, the high rate on those few categories will really help boost your earning rate.

Your points can be redeemed in quite a few ways as the reward program is not restricted to any one sector. You can use them to offset the cost of recent purchases, apply them to your card balance, donate to charity, book travel plans, or purchase new items.

The interest rates on this card are fairly competitive. On normal purchases, the rate is 20.99%. For cash advances, the rate increases to 23.99%. While not the lowest rates available, they aren’t on the highest end of the spectrum either. Remember, you only have to pay these rates if you carry over a balance on a monthly basis. The $120 annual fee is highly affordable, but it does need to be paid in bulk rather than $10 monthly payments offered by some other cards.

BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite Details Summary

  • Interest Rate: 20.99%
  • Interest Rate Promo: N/A
  • Balance Transfer Rate: N/A
  • Balance Transfer Rate Promo: N/A
  • Cash Advance Rate: 23.99%
  • Cash Advance Rate Promo: N/A
  • Annual Fee: $120
  • Card Best Suited For: Foodies, long haul drivers, millennials
  • Reward Type: BMO Rewards points
  • Signup/Welcome Bonus Offers: Maximum of 40,000 points, first year fee waived

BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite Card is Best Suited For:

Foodies, travelers, long haul drivers, and millennials will all receive particular benefits from this BMO card. Due to the high earn rate on every kind of food purchase –groceries, dining in at restaurants, and ordering food—everyone who frequently enjoys both expensive meals at home and the convenience of dining elsewhere will earn points rather quickly. A $50 annual lifestyle credit and exclusive access to hotels, entertainment opportunities, and dining experiences make this card a great fit for frequent travelers as well.

Long haul drivers will greatly benefit from the high earn rate on gas purchases. Since filling up is a necessary and frequent aspect of driving long distances, the points you can earn while doing so will help offset the cost of gas substantially. The benefits millennials will receive are also greater than those that the rest of the population will experience. Due to the inclusive range of transit options that are encompassed within the high earn rate categories, alternative forms of transportation have never been more valuable to the people who make use of them frequently. Access to a concierge 24/7 is just another benefit that every card holder can take advantage of at any time of the day for a variety of reasons.

8.5 Total Score
BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite Review

  • Requires minimum annual income of $60,000 (personal) or $100,000 (household) to be eligible
  • Main welcome bonus requirement will be difficult for smaller spenders
  • $50 increase to the annual fee for each additional cardholder
  • Travel insurance isn’t comprehensive
  • Annual fee is quite affordable
  • Receive a $50 annual lifestyle credit to spend however you want
  • Great earn rate on your most frequent purchase types (gas, groceries, etc.)
  • Multiple ways to redeem points
  • Exclusive access to hotels, dining, and entertainment
  • Access to 24/7 Visa Infinite concierge
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