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Get a 0% promotional annual interest rate for 12 months on balance transfers completed within 90 days of account opening

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MBNA True Line Mastercard makes it exceedingly easy for you to pay off debt. You can transfer any balances to the card and pay 0% interest for the first 10 months. The only condition is that you execute the transfer within 90 days of opening an account with the company. Though, you can expect to pay a small transfer fee. This amount totals 3% of the balance you transfer or $7.5, whichever is higher. Once the promotional period ends, you’ll pay an interest of 12.99% on unpaid balances, similar to the interest rate on any purchases you charge to the card.
  • This low rate card has a 12.99% standard interest rate on eligible purchases and balance transfers
  • No Annual Fee
  • Take advantage of Apple Pay for a safe, quick and convenient way to pay with an MBNA card
  • Low annual interest rate of 8.99% on purchases as well as balance transfers and access cheques
  • Annual fee of $39; upto 9 additional authorized users with no additional fee
  • 7 types of insurance included
  • 24×7 protection against fraud
  • Significant savings for people who carry debt on Credit Cards
  • No annual fee; you pay $0 for card usage
  • Economical interest on purchases at 12.99%
  • Cash advances interest chargeable at 24.99%
  • Applicable interest in balance transfers and access cheques is 12.99%
  • Canadian residents who have attained the majority age in their territory or province can qualify for the card.

The two main features that stand out for the MBNA True Line® Mastercard® are the low-interest rate on purchases at 12.99% and the potential for using this card for debt consolidation. Customers can transfer their balances to this card from up to three other cards and pay debts not exceeding their credit limit. You won’t have to pay an annual fee, and  MBNA accepts bill payments via Apple Pay. Clearing your credit card bills has never been so secure and convenient. MBNA also permits you to transfer funds into your chequing account.

At the interest rate of 8.99% available on purchases, balance transfers and access cheques, you are likely to save more than the $39 fee you pay annually. Besides, there is no fee for the 9 additional cards that can be issued.
The rate goes up to 24.99% for cash advances.
What you don’t get with this Card is rewards for purchases.
This card includes 7 different types of insurance. You can get an emergency card replacement in 7 to 10 days. Cash advances are available internationally and you save with Avis and Budget car rentals.
The Card has Zero Liability protection (conditions apply) and comes with a Chip and PIN (personal identification number) security where the 4-digit PIN is a code known only to you.

Customers wishing to add more users to their accounts can authorize up to nine friends and family without additional annual charges. If you want to make large purchases worth $100 and above, you can charge them to your MBNA True Line Mastercard. Get in touch with the company to avail of their easy payment option plan where you can split the bill into installments over the next 6, 12, or 18 months. Though, you may have to inquire about the eligible purchases permitted for this program. Considering the present-day issues with frauds and data breaches, MBNA offers secure payment services integrating state-of-the-art security features that safeguard all transactions.

MBNA True Line® Mastercard® Details

  • Purchase Interest Rate at 12.99%
  • Balance Transfer Rate at 12.99%
  • Cash Advance Rate at 24.99%
  • No Annual Fee
  • Card Best Suited for users who are looking for debt consolidation options and prefer to carry balances from month to month
  • Signup/Welcome Bonus Offer of 0% interest on any balances you transfer for the next 10 months

MBNA True Line® Mastercard® – Card Best Suited For

The MBNA True Line Mastercard is best suited for customers looking for an interest-free option to pay off their existing debt. You can also avail of their easy payment facility if you need to make some big purchases soon after purchasing the card. One of the best positives of getting this card is setting up a regular payment facility. Accordingly, each month, the company automatically transfers the minimum bill balance due from your chequing account. In this way, you can ensure that you never miss a payment and stay on top of your financial obligations.

9 Total Score
MBNA True Line® Mastercard® Review

If you carry debt on your Credit Card, this one is for you, especially if you also travel and could do with additional travel insurance. With an interest rate as low as 8.99% for purchases and balance transfers, you are likely to save more than the $39- annual fee you pay for the Card. Getting this Card and transferring balances on other Cards would be the immediate action recommended.

  • In the unfortunate situation that you lose the card, you can contact the company and get a replacement within 7 to 10 days delivered to your doorstep by courier.
  • Customers can avail of the Credit Line Increase Decisions during regular business working hours. Cash advances are available at banks and ATMs worldwide.
  • Facility for setting up the direct transfer of minimum bill balance each month directly from your chequing account, ensuring that you never miss a payment.
  • Offers a very competitive interest rate of 12.99% on purchases which is much lower than the typical 19.99% charged by most other credit card companies. The difference of 7% translates into significant savings over time.
  • All transactions conducted using the MBNA True Line Mastercard are secure thanks to features like a 3-digit CVC code, chip, and four-digit Personal Identification Number. Further, in case you’re the victim of fraud and any unauthorized purchases are charged to your account, you will not be held responsible for them. These transactions include purchases from internet stores, brick-and-mortar store purchases, orders placed over the phone, mobile payments, and ATM withdrawals.
  • Quebec residents cannot apply for the MBNA True® Mastercard®.
  • Provides only the basic facilities without any frills.
  • Withdrawing cash advances incur interest of 24.99%, which is why it is never advisable to use this facility.
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