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The RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard is a simple, convenient, and secure mode of payment. This Business Cash Back MasterCard is flexible and has a high purchasing power. Individuals who use this card get cashback on their purchases to reinvest in their businesses. It is the best card for business owners who do not want a card with an annual fee.

RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard Rewards

Card rewards enable business owners to earn a percentage of cashback, airline miles, or points when purchasing. These rewards help individuals to reduce or down pay their credit card balance. Purchases made for the first three months after receiving the card will attract a 2% cashback. However, there is also a 1% cashback on purchases made after three months.  

There is little to no need to keep track of the rewards because they accumulate automatically. These reward cards are unlimited and easily accessible, and available to everyone. For individuals with good spending habits, picking the right card rewards will give a good amount of profits. Business owners can use these cards to pay several bills.

Business owners can redeem the RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard rewards by making purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard for payment. Also, business owners should register the cards online to enable them make online purchases. However, individuals cannot redeem the card rewards at an ATM for cash.

Benefits for Card

There are several uses and benefits of using RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard. These cards are suitable for business owners who prefer cash rewards over rewards points. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  1. Global Convenience and Acceptance: The RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard is an easy and convenient card to use. It has worldwide acceptance, and payment at the checkout only requires a tap of the card. This feature makes the card easily accessible for online purchases.
  2. Purchase Protection: This card is flexible and has high purchasing power. There is a general mobile proficiency that further helps provide convenience for its users. The card has an extended coverage which helps to protect card purchases against damage, loss, or theft. This extended warranty lasts up to 90 days and doubles the original warranty for an extra year.
  3. Enhanced Security: The business card operates with advanced technology, which helps against theft. PIN security, zero liability, and a built-in chip to protect the user against fraud. It has strong security, which helps keep the users’ minds at ease.
  4. Cash Back: RBC business card has an unlimited amount of rewards. The card allows users to earn some cash back on pre-authorized payments and purchases. Individuals can also link the card to Rexall Petro Canada to earn more rewards. Business owners can redeem their rewards at their own convenient times.
  5. Credit Card Lock: One of the benefits of using the RBC credit card is the credit card lock feature. This enables the users to lock their business MasterCard temporarily any time they want. In the case of a misplaced or stolen credit card, log into the mobile app to disable the card.

Details and Eligibility for the RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard

The RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard is a combination of both cash back and travel cards. This card has features that accommodate the various financial habits of different individuals while also securing their cards from frauds. The business card has no annual fee and up to 1% cashback on all legal purchases.

There are no charges for additional cardholders and no yearly fee for its users. The RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard has easy requirements for approval. This business card has a fixed balance transfer APR of 22.99% and a fixed purchase APR of 19.99%.

Anyone 18 years of age and above can open a credit card in their name. In most cases, you need to show proof that you are earning money independently before you can apply for one. Also, to open the account in your name, you need to provide one of the following government documents:

  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
  • Canadian Passport
  • Canadian Driver’s License

Insurance Coverage

When purchases are made with the RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard, they are insured against damage for 90 days. This coverage activates automatically for the product or business property from the date of coverage. The business owner is insured for damage in a distinct amount shown on the RBC Business Cashback MasterCard statement. 

There is also extended warranty insurance which doubles the Canadian manufacturer’s original warranty for a maximum of one year. However, the extended warranty insurance activates when the original manufacturer’s warranty is no longer feasible. The original manufacturers’ and extended warranty combined must not exceed 5 years.

If the original manufacturer is bankrupt, their warranty becomes invalid. However, the extended warranty insurance will still be able to provide coverage in this situation. The coverage will, however, last for a maximum of one year from the manufacturer’s date of bankruptcy.

Although the insurance coverage covers a lot of purchases, there are some expenses that the insurer will not pay for. Some of these include any expenses incurred relating to:

  • Property kept, transported, or acquired illegally
  • Bullion, Money, and Evidence of any negotiable item
  • All properties intended for personal use
  • Animals, Birds, and Living plants

Final Thoughts

RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard provides an easy and convenient way to assemble your credits. The accumulation of these credits is done automatically; hence no need for the card users to keep track. Also, the card is easily accessible and available for Canadian citizens who are at least 18 years of age. The Business Card also has no yearly charge and comes with a good range of warranty.

RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard FAQ

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about your RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard:

To be eligible for the RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard, you must be 18 years old. Also, you must be a citizen of Canada or have Canadian legal documents such as a driver’s license and international passport.

The RBC Business Cash Back MasterCard has warranty coverage of 90 days and extended insurance of 1 year. The maximum number of years the coverage and extended insurance is 5 years.

This MasterCard has a very effective and secure credit card lock. When the card is lost or stolen, it helps to lock the card and render it temporarily unavailable. This feature enables the card owner to keep their funds secure in the case of fraud or card theft. To access this feature, log into the RBC mobile app and navigate the details on the account page.

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