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Balance Transfer

0.99% introductory interest rate on balance transfers for the first 6 months (12.99% after that)

This card carries low-interest rates and no annual fee. The interest rate you are required to pay on purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances is set at 16.99%. You can benefit from the low introductory annual interest rate of 3.99% for balance transfers and cash advances for the first 6 months. The standard variable annual interest rate for purchases, balance transfers as well as cash advances is just 11.99%. To enjoy low regular interest rates, you only have to pay a modest annual fee of $29.

If you are hoping to get rid of your high-interest credit card debt fast, look no further than the Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card. This low-rate credit card goes a long way when it comes to repaying your credit card debt faster. Perhaps the greatest advantage of using this card is that it has a low introductory balance transfer. This low balance transfer rate along with low regular APR makes Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card one of the best credit cards available.

The Scotiabank Value Visa Card is a balance transfer credit card that offers you a 0.99% interest rate on balance transfers for the initial 6 months. However, there is an annual charge of $29. The benefit of this card is that after the 6-months introductory period, the standard rate of interest would be 12.99% on your new purchases and transferred balances. It is recommended that you try paying off your balance throughout the promotional time period. If you fail to do so, the next best thing to do would be to transfer your balance to a different low balance transfer offer, one month before the promotional rate becomes invalid. That way, you will be guaranteed to go past even a low-interest rate of 12.99%.

Switch balances over from higher-interest-rate credit cards to the No-Fee Scotiabank Value Visa Card. By consolidating your higher rate balances, you’ll save on interest and make paying bills easier.

  • Introductory 3.99% interest rate on Balance Transfers for the first six months†.
  • 16.99% after the introductory rate
  • Pay down balances faster
  • Simplify your monthly payments

Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card Features Customers Love

The Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card is simple. There are no fancy rewards or benefits with this credit card. However, you do get some solid value if you want to use a credit card to boost your debt repayment plan. The reason most people cannot get out of credit card debt is that they are charged high-interest rates and a major chunk of their payment goes toward interest, instead of reducing the debt.

If you are having problems repaying high-interest rate credit card debt, you can transfer it to Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card. This will get you out of debt pretty quickly. Remember, when you have a low-interest rate, the payment you make goes a long way in helping you reduce the principal amount you owe. There’s an introductory offer of 0.99% APR on all balance transfers for the first 6 months. What’s better is that is, even after the introductory period ends, this credit card has a low-interest rate at least by Canadian standards.

Most customers are impressed with the fact that they can get cash advances at 0.99% for the first six months. And when 6 months are up, you get the same 11.99% APR on all cash advances as you regular purchases. Another popular feature of this credit card is that you get a grace period of 21 days on your purchases. This means if you are able to pay off your balance within the first three weeks, you don’t have to worry about being charged any interest at all. The Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card is also a great credit card for frequent travellers. If you love travelling, you can use this card to get 20% discount on AVIS car rentals.

What do you need to know about the card?

The following are the important Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card specs that you need to know before you get hands on this incredible piece of plastic.

  • Annual fee $29
  • Introductory rate 0.99% on balance transfer and cash advances – this promotion rate is effective for six months
  • 20% discount on AVIS car rentals
  • 99% regular APR

Is this Credit Card Right for you?

What’s great about this Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card is that not only it is a low-interest credit card, but you can use it to repay your debt within a quick time. When you get hands-on this low-interest rate balance transfer credit card, you can consolidate your debt and make the most of the 0.99% introductory interest rate to reduce the balance you owe significantly. Furthermore, if you have an outstanding balance after the first six months (i.e. the end of the promotional period), there’s no need to panic. Even after the introductory period ends, you’re your interest rate would only climb up to 11.99% which is way lower than other Canadian balance transfer cards. An important thing to remember is that the Scotiabank Credit Card comes with an annual fee of $29.

However, you won’t mind paying the annual fee considering the amount of money you save in monthly interest. If you love to travel by car rentals, this card will also help you achieve a 20% discount on car rental which is a huge advantage. If you had problems paying down your high-interest credit card debt in the past, the Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card might be the right choice for you. You can repay your debt with a 0.99% interest rate during the promotional period. And if a portion of debt remains after the end of the promotional period, you can repay it at 11.99%.

Remember that the introductory 0.99% interest rate applies to both balance transfer and cash advances. Because the card is straightforward, it is the best choice for every person who wants to complete a balance transfer and pay off debt faster. The more you pay off within the six months or the introductory period, the better off you will be in the long run. The Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card is also a good choice if you carry balance occasionally. After all, the 11.99% interest rate is way better than paying the usual 19.99% or 22.99%. If you use your credit card for large purchases, choose Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card to repay your balance. You will be paying a lot less than what you might have to do with other Canadian credit cards.

There is an annual fee, and it’s worth it!

The only downside of the Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card is the $29 annual fee. Overall, it still isn’t a bad deal. If you don’t want to spend $29, consider Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card’s No-fee Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card. This card has no annual fee and the general interest rates are low, which can help you save money.

The Final Verdict

The Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card offers all the benefits you want in an ideal low-interest balance transfer credit card. It is a fantastic way to repay your debt quickly and potentially save hundreds of dollars. In addition to an excellent introductory offer, this Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card offers other consumer benefits. You get up to 20% on AVIS car rentals. There’s also optional account protection which can help you manage credit card expenses.

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