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Would you like to earn RBC Rewards in a variety of ways without paying a hefty yearly fee? That is exactly what the Signature RBC Rewards Visa will do. Not only does this card allow you to collect RBC Rewards by making purchases, but it also enables you to get insurance coverage and a few other benefits. Continue reading our review to find out if it is a good fit for your wallet.

Card Rewards

The RBC Rewards Credit Card allows users to gain a wide range of rewards that they can redeem to gain many other benefits. Some of the rewards this card has to offer include:

1. Collect the Welcome Bonus

Those who apply and get approval for this card by 2 May 2022 have a chance of gaining 7000 welcome points.

2. Get Rewards for Purchases

For every $1 you spend, you will automatically earn 1 point with no tiers, caps, or categories to consider. In addition, cardholders who purchase items from select stores receive a different number of extra points or cashback. For instance:

Collect More of Rexall’s Be Well Points with Your RBC Rewards Credit Card

Cardholders can link their RBC Rewards card with their Be Well Card when purchasing their preferred health and wellness products. In turn, they will earn 50 bonus points for every $1 they spend when buying select products at Rexall. Be Well points accrue quicker, allowing you to save more money in-store on qualified items. For instance, $10 equals 25,000 Be Well points.

3. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

The card also features impressive coverage for purchase security, car rental, travel, and extended warranty.

4. Low annual fees

Students as well as RBC Signature No Limit Banking Clients pay no annual fees for this card. Furthermore, cardholders can opt to add another card to their account at no extra cost when it comes to annual fees.

5. Major Fuel Savings

Cardholders can save up to 3 cents a litre on gas and get 20% extra Petro-Points by connecting your RBC Rewards card to Petro-Canada.

6. Convert your Points

RBC Rewards cardholders who qualify can exchange their earned points for Hudson’s Bay, AAdvantage Miles, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, British Airways Avios,  or WestJet Dollars Rewards points.

RBC Rewards Visa features an extremely versatile rewards program. Available rewards for your earned RBC points include paying off your account debt, gift cards, travel incentives, brand products, and Exclusive RBC Financial Reward coupons. It is vital to note that cardholders can use the RBC Financial Reward vouchers to buy specific investment products or even pay off their loans. The best part is that you can begin redeeming your earned points from 2,500 points.

Benefits of the Signature RBC Rewards Visa Card

  • Minimal annual charges: students and RBC Signature No Limit Banking clients and students pay no fee. Otherwise, the standard annual fee is $39, which is relatively low compared to other cards. Note that there are no extra annual costs for additional cards linked to the account.
  • Virtually anyone who is above the age of majority can get the card
  • Upon approval, you will receive 7,000 bonus welcome points.
  • Get rewards like those from a premium card. Collect 1 point for each $1 spent on eligible purchases, plus some additional points when you use your card to make purchases at certain merchants. Redeem your points for RBC Financial Rewards vouchers, gift cards, goods, and travel rewards. Starting with as little as 2,500 points, you may earn rewards!
  • Upon linking your Signature card to your DoorDash account, you qualify for $0 delivery costs for up to three months on unlimited orders. You also get a 3-month DoorPass subscription worth $30
  • Save up to $3 on every litre of gas from Petro-Canada when you use your card. Cardholders also gain 20% extra RBC Rewards Points and 20% more Petro-Canada points
  • Great insurance coverage.
  • Exceptional safety and security features. The card uses PIN and chip technology as well as Zero Liability Protection, which protects cardholders from fraudulent buys
  • The card offers a convenient and reliable payment method since you can use your Apple Watch and iPhone to pay with Apple Pay and RBC Mobile app

Cardholders can also opt to take full advantage of their card by subscribing to the optional add-on services to protect your family, your identity, and the balance in your credit card account. Such add-on services include:

  • Identity theft and credit protection
  • RBC Road Assist
  • Add-on Travel Insurance
  • Balance Protector Insurance

Details and Eligibility

The RBC Rewards Card strives to be a card that most Canadians can use; urging even students to enrol. You will need a “Good” credit score ranging from 660 to 724 to qualify for this card. However, there are no card application requirements that specify a minimal average wage limit.

When it comes to its fees and rates, the annual cost of the card is $39, which is relatively low compared to other credit cards. Students (terms and conditions apply) and RBC Signature No Limit Banking clients pay no fee. Note that there are no extra annual costs for additional cards linked to the account. On purchases, the rate of interest is 19.99 %, while balance transfers and cash advances have an interest rate of 22.99 %.

Insurance Coverage

This card also features great insurance benefits for cardholders. They include:

  • Coverage for car rental theft and damage
  • Coverage for travel accidents worth up to $500,000
  • Purchase protection for up to 90 days
  • Extended warranty insurance for up to 12 months

Signature RBC Rewards Visa FAQs

Yes. Signature RBC Rewards points expire after three years on a First-In-First-Out basis

The annual fee for this card is $39, but RBC Signature No Limit Banking Clients and qualifying students do not pay any yearly cost.

To redeem your RBC Rewards Card points, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your credit card account
  • Press the ‘Go to RBC Rewards’ tab
  • Choose our preferred reward and you will get to see how many points you need to redeem to claim it
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Signature RBC Rewards Visa Review

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