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Individuals can enjoy a more convenient buying power and earn rewards on the side. With the TD Emerald Visa Card, you can easily access Extended Warranty Protection and Purchase Security. Other upsides include getting cash back, building credit history, and enjoying travel perks.

The TD Emerald Visa Card rewards cardholders with good credit compared to many other cards. One of its other key features is an impressively low-interest rate. The rate calculation depends on an individual’s credit card worthiness and prime interest rate.

TD Emerald Visa Card Rewards

Cardholders enjoy a reward of good credit. Instead of a set interest rate, each cardholder has a rate based on creditworthiness and the prime interest rate. The TD Emerald Visa Card carries a $25 annual fee for the primary cardholder. There’s no yearly fee for all additional cardholders.

Based on March 2020 reports, TD Emerald Visa Card had a prime interest rate of 2.450%. Depending on the applicant’s credit history, the final rate gets calculated by adding 4.50% to 12.75%. The card’s overall interest rate falls between 6.95% to 15.2%.

Benefits of TD Emerald Visa Card

Before deciding to go for the TD Emerald Visa Card, it’s imperative to understand the different advantages. Note that cardholders can enjoy the various benefits using Apple Pay and other standard methods. Here are some crucial pros to note:

  1. Extended Warranty Protection and Purchase Security: Every cardholder can benefit from this card’s primary coverages, including purchase security and extended warranty protection. It protects from theft and damages and also helps extend the warranty.
  2. Save with Avis Rent a Car and Budget Rent a Car: Get the chance to save at least 10% off the least available base rates in Canada and the United States. Cardholders can also save a minimum of 5% off the least available base rates internationally. These savings are discounts for qualifying car rentals at Avis and Budget locations. For reserving Avis’s car rental, cardholders need to visit their official site and quote Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) #CO78400. Charge the entire rental fee to the TD Emerald Visa Card. Reserving Budget car rental requires the cardholder to visit the official site and quote Budget Customer Discount (BCD) #A331700 at the reservation time. Charge the entire rental fee to the TD Emerald Visa Card.
  1. TD Auto Club Membership: The Standard or Deluxe TD Auto Club Membership allows you and your family to know that help is on the way in road emergencies. Ensure to put a call through to get the much-needed support.
  2. Convenient: One of the significant advantages of the TD Emerald Visa Card is the level of convenience it offers cardholders. The card provides fast replacement, accessible and swift access to cash, and free access to information.
  3. Various Ways to Pay: Cardholders can pay via Apple Pay / Samsung Pay, TD Mobile Payment, Visa payWave, and Visa Checkout.
  4. Helps Save Time on Recurring Bill Payments: Set up a recurring payment of bills on the account with merchants like phone bills. It helps save time and avoid late fee payments on due dates.
  5. Visa Zero Liability: Enjoy online shopping in person with Visa Zero Liability. Cardholders also get protected in case of unauthorized transactions.

Details and Eligibility of TD Emerald Visa Card

Cardholders need to call the number on the sticker on the new card to activate the Visa Card. After calling, follow the simple prompts, but remember it’s crucial to sign the card. It’s imperative to register for EasyWeb Online Banking to manage the online account and sign up for online statements.

Since Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, TD Mobile Payment, and other payment methods are available, learning how to add them to your card is crucial.

For consideration as an applicant for the TD Emerald Visa Card, potential cardholders need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residence
  • Fall within the age of majority in the area of residence

For the card, you need to provide the following necessary documents:

  • Residential status, name, and contact information
  • Email address and phone number
  • Date of Birth and Social Insurance Number

Card Coverage

The insurance coverage for the TD Emerald Visa Card is the “Purchase Security & Extended Warranty Protection Insurance.”

Purchase Security & Extended Warranty Protection Coverage

Both the primary cardholder and additional cardholders are eligible for the insurance. It’s imperative for the account holder to be a resident of Canada, and purchases should also be through account holders. Here’s a breakdown of the inclusion and benefits of each coverage:

  • Extended Warranty Protection: This insurance provides an extended warranty for insured items. Coverage starts once the expiry of the Manufacturer’s Warranty for an additional period equal to the manufacturer’s warranty. In some cases, it may extend for a year. Some exclusions to this warranty include automobiles, aircraft, and motorboats.
  • Purchase Security: Get coverage for eligible items you purchase with the TD Emerald Credit Card. This coverage applies if the card gets stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase. If things get damaged, the Account Holder gets reimbursed for the Purchase Price, or it gets replaced early.

Some exclusions to the purchase security include perishable items, cash, art objects, automobiles, aircraft, or motorboats. It excludes loss or damage due to war, abuse, flood, or wear and tear.

Final Thoughts                                        

Purchasing the TD Emerald Visa Card is a perfect choice for Canadian residents. It’s excellent for individuals with good credit who often carry a credit card balance. Individuals with good credits to receive the lowest 6.95% can save significant money in overall interest payment.

The Emerald Card has a low annual fee and no annual fee for additional Authorized User Cards. You have instant access to cash and the possibility to make purchases around the world. The low-interest fee will make a difference in your monthly balance.

TD Emeral Visa Card FAQs

TD utilizes its prime rate to calculate your interest using – TD Prime + 4.5% up to TD Prime + 12.75%. Hence, cardholders end up paying either 8.45%, 16.7%, or any percentage interest.

If you have bad credit, the card may not be the best option. It’s not advisable to go for it if you have a score below 650. Cardholders may need to pay 15% to 17% interest with that credit score.

Yes! You can apply for your TD Emerald Visa Card online by visiting the TD bank website. The application is straightforward, and it’s accessible to quality.

If you have a balance on your credit card with a huge interest rate, it’s possible to switch to a card with a low rate and low annual fee. One of such cards is the TD Emerald Visa Card. Transferring the high-interest rate card balance to the TD card helps manage credit card debt.

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