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Earn Scene+TM points on everyday purchases. Redeem Scene+ points for entertainment rewards like movies, meals and more.

  • Earn 5,000 bonus Scene+ points with your first $750 in everyday purchases in the first 3 months
  • Earn 5 Scene+ points for every $1 you spend on credit card purchases at Cineplex™ theatres or at
  • Earn 1 Scene+ point for every $1 you spend on your everyday credit card purchases

When it comes down to it, there is nothing more exciting than free entertainment in the eyes of a penniless university student; or anyone young at heart for that matter.  What could be better than golden opportunities for discounted meals, free movies, epic concerts and loads of shopping, simply for using an everyday credit card?

Genuine movie enthusiasts can benefit significantly from Scotia SCENE. You receive five points for every dollar you spend in Cineplex Odeon theatres. If you opt to view your movies elsewhere, you’ll receive one point for every dollar you spend. The welcome bonus is 4,000 points or the equivalent of getting four movie tickets free.

This rewards configuration is worthwhile because you only need 1,000 points for a free movie ticket. Even if you don’t use your card anywhere else, since movie tickets plus popcorn cost around $17, you’ll be getting tickets free for every 10-12 visits to the cinema. You can also redeem rewards for options such as music, which begins at 1,000 points.

Scene Highlights

There are a few major highlights of the Scene Visa Card.  In fact, it is one of the most sought-after zero-fee credit cards in Canada at the moment for the scope it offers.  The Scene Visa’s main strengths relate to Scene points, different reward locations and an affordable fee structure.


Firstly, it promises no fees, waiving both the annual card fee and granting free issue of any additional cards.  For a university student, for example, this is a huge attraction.  There is also a choice to buy card protection (a basic death or disability cover) – a useful option for anyone wanting to maintain a great credit rating.

Reward Locations

Secondly, the Scene Visa credit card offers access to loads of free (or discounted) entertainment, shopping and travel perks.  Not only can you cash in the Scene points in exchange for free movies and concerts with Cineplex, but you may also catch the biggest sporting events live from the stands.  Fanxchange offers plenty of life experiences in conjunction with Scene Visa, too.

If showbiz isn’t appealing enough, just pop in for the latest trendy items at Sport Chek, one of Scene’s rewards partners.  Alternatively, hang out at Bier Markt, Fion MacCool’s, Swiss Chalet, Milestones, Montana’s, D’Arcy McGee, and East Side Mario.

Don’t forget about the travel perks, either.  Scene Visa has partnered with AVIS for a 20% discount on car rentals, in any participating location across the globe.  If a plane trip is also on the cards, zip through the checkout process in a hurry thanks to the mobile wallet, Visa Checkout (online), Visa payWave, or Apple Pay.

Scene Points

Lastly, the Scene Visa is all about the Scene points.  This is a unique feature in the industry and one the competition has not yet pursued.  One dollar equates to one Scene point earned or five Scene points earned at Cineplex and outlets.  The credit card also offers a welcome gesture worth every cent, a bonus of 4,000 Scene points for $500 spent on the card in the first three months after activating the card.  A thousand points are about what you need for a free movie, or for $10 off a meal at participating restaurants.

A variety of ways to redeem points includes the long list of retailers and leisure locations previously mentioned.  Cineplex offers unique added benefits for Scene Visa points holders, including a myriad of exciting special events (WWE, live screenings of Met performances and Xbox parties).  Using the regular Scene card in conjunction with the Scene Visa credit card for bonus points will help earn rewards faster, too.

Competition Losers

As a zero-fee credit card, the Scene Visa is highly competitive among its peers. For all its diversity, there is a lot to offer those starting out in the world of credit cards. The Scene Visa Card does have some minor inconveniences to consider as well:

Pointless effort

The truth is, it takes time to accumulate enough Scene points to reap real benefits.  The rewards sound amazing, but only if you are a heavy spender.  By the time the rest of us have racked up enough points to see a free movie or eat out, the novelty may have worn off.

Sure, there are a few insider tips on maximizing points, but it takes extra effort and a savvy approach.  Points are offered on the use of the Scene Visa, but also on the other retailers’ cards, for example.

Some of these promotions offer opportunities to receive hundreds or thousands of bonus points from places like Cineplex and Sport Check if you are quick off the mark.  Even Fanxchange offers bonus points, though the points are worth less than those of other partners.  The website is another great place to look for earning incentives

Cashless Society

Again, the Scene Visa card is a great start-up credit card for young people.  It is on the mark with rewards but unfortunately does not offer any cash back.  Unlike the Tangerine Cash Back credit card, which offers a base reward of 0.5% and a 2% cash-back option, the Scene Visa falls short.


There are also stops on restaurant purchases (an upper limit of $350 per use).  This seems frustrating, but also practical, as it takes a substantial amount of time to earn enough points for $350 worth of points.

On the Scene

Overall, the Scene Visa Credit Card is a winning formula for starting out.  It caters to fun-loving individuals looking for something different, with their choice of entertainment and a decent fee structure.  There’s not much more one can ask of a credit card.


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