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Triangle MasterCard offers a variety of features, including online bill payment, mobile banking, and the ability to send money to friends and family members anywhere in the world. In this comprehensive review of the Triangle MasterCard, we will look at its features and benefits to help you decide if it is the right credit card for you in 2022.

Card Rewards: What To Know About the Triangle MasterCard

With the numerous options in the market today, you might be wondering what makes this card so unique compared to other credit cards. The Triangle MasterCard 2022 is one of the best cashback credit credit cards on the market and has a lot to offer its holders. It serves the Triangle Rewards loyalty program hosted by the Canadian Tire Bank for all new and existing members.

Let’s look at some rewards you can expect with this card to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Cashbacks on Qualifying Purchases from Partner Brands

The Triangle Credit Card Rewards Program offers cashback on qualifying purchases from partner brands. Cardholders can get a four percent cashback in Canadian Tire Money on all purchases worth $150 or more from Canadian Tire, Mark’s/L’Equipeur, and Atmosphere stores. Other qualifying stores include Party City, Hockey Experts, L’Entrepôt du Hockey,  Sports Rousseau, and select Sports Experts stores.

In addition, cardholders can enjoy a one and a half percent reward in CT Money when you buy up to $12,000 worth of groceries in any store across Canada, except Walmart and Costco.

5 Cent Cashback on Every Litre of Gas Purchases

The Triangle MasterCard Rewards program offers 5 cents cashback in CT Money on every litre of gas purchased at GasPlus stations or select Husky gas stations. Once registered, cardholders simply need to swipe their Triangle MasterCard at the pump when filling up their vehicle.

No Annual Fee

The Triangle MasterCard is a rewards credit card that offers no annual fee and an unlimited one and a half percent cashback on all purchases. There are no limits on the number of rewards you can earn, and your rewards never expire as long as your account remains open.

How You Earn Rewards

The Canadian Tire Bank’s Triangle MasterCard Rewards offers customers a unique way to earn rewards. With this card, customers earn rewards in three ways: by spending money on the card, making deposits into their account, and referring friends to the card.

This triple-threat approach to rewards means that customers can rack up points quickly and easily. And, since there are no limits to how many points they can earn, customers can maximize their rewards potential.

Redeem Your Rewards

The Canadian Triangle Rewards program makes it easy for cardholders to claim their earnings. First, they should note that the CT Money is equivalent to one dollar worth of free items. Put simply, if you have a CT Money balance of $50, you will be eligible to claim an item worth $50 using your CT Money.

The accumulated points, cardholders can purchase items can be redeemed for a variety of items at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, Sports Rousseau, Hockey Experts,

L’Entrepôt du Hockey and some select Mark’s/L’Équipeur and Sports Experts stores. Cardholders can also choose to donate their rewards points to charity.

Benefits for Cardholders

The Canadian Tire Bank’s Triangle MasterCard Rewards is a unique program that offers cardholders a variety of benefits. These benefits include earning rewards points on every purchase, no annual fee, and a low interest rate. In addition, cardholders can also take advantage of discounts at participating restaurants and retailers.

Here are some other benefits customers get from using a Triangle MasterCard.

  • Triangle MasterCard holders can return purchases they made from participating stores without a receipt.
  • The Canadian Tire Bank provides a mobile application for Triangle MasterCard users where they can coordinate their financial transactions, take advantage of bonuses, and claim rewards on the go.
  • Users also get personalized offers and bonuses to pay using CT money balances.
  • Cardholders also will get exclusive access to triangle events like the triangle bonus days, where they enjoy discounts on various items in the participation store.
  • The Canadian Tire company also organizes contests and giveaways exclusive to Triangle MasterCard holders.
  • Users can keep a track record of their transactions and increase their cashflow through eStatements, a conservative strategy that favours ecology.

Details and Eligibility

The Triangle MasterCard comes in three variants: the basic Triangle MasterCard, the World Triangle MasterCard, and the Triangle World Elite MasterCard. Each card type provides varying levels of rewards and benefits.

The Triangle World Elite MasterCard, the most advanced series, provides additional benefits not available to other cardholders. For example, users can get the Gold Assistance Road Plan alongside the Car Rental Collision Damage Insurance waiver with this card. The users also get warranty extention on purchased items and priority queuing with the call center.

Annual Interest Rates

The Canadian Tire Bank offers a 19.99 annual interest percent interest charge on non-cash transactions carried on the Triangle MasterCard accounts. Cash transactions, however, attract a 22.99 percent yearly charge. The institution’s financial policy defines financial transactions as cash advances, balance and money transfers, gambling transactions, purchase of travellers’ cheques, and other related transactions.

Interest-Free Grace Period and Foreign Transaction Conversion

The bank gives a 21 days interest-free grace period (25 days for residents of Quebec Province) on purchases fully paid for. For those transacting in other currencies, the banks convert all foreign tender to Canadian dollars and charge two and a half percent per transaction.

Other Fees

The Triangle MasterCard also attracts various other fees, including a four-dollar cash advance fee, a $25 dishonoured payment fee and a two-dollar charge fee attached to requests of a balance statement.

How Do I Qualify for the Triangle MasterCard

To own a Triangle MasterCard, you must:

  1. Be a resident of Canada, although you can use the card for global transactions
  2. Be at least the age of majority in your province
  3. Agree to the application disclosure statement provided during the application process.

Insurance Coverage

The Canadian Tire Bank insurance package is only available to the World Elite MasterCard holders. This insurance package is underwritten by the American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida. The certificate of insurance highlights three unique insurance benefits that these cardholders enjoy.

  1. Purchase Security. Insures new personal items bought using the credit card for 90 days. The qualifying items are insured from damage or theft. At the discretion of the AIBC Florida, the affected items will be replaced, repaired, or the money reimbursed. Such coverage does not cover automobiles, plants, living animals, and several other exceptions.
  2. Extended Warranty. Is only available on items in the US and Canada that originally have a warranty from the manufacturer. The users get a one-year extension of the warranty provided it is not more than five years. To get an extension on a warranty greater than five years, they will have to apply to AIBC.
  3. Car Rental Collision and Loss Damage Waiver: With this benefit, users have a cover on accidents and damages when they rent private passenger vehicles in their name and using their Triangle MasterCard. To claim the benefit, the cardholders have to contact the AIBC Florida within 48 hours after the damage or theft incidence.

Credit Card FAQs

Personalized offers are valid for seven days. After which they will be replaced by new proposals which will arrive every Friday.

As a triangle master card owner, you are eligible for CT Money bonus offers and Spend and Get offers. However, you should note that offers get shuffled every week. As a result, Spend and Get offers may or may not be present.

You can swap offers on the app by selecting the community offer you like and change it with one of your weekly offers.

You can do that by simply checking the offer details for the products.

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