New TD Canada Trust GICs and GIC Rates

Guaranteed Investment Certificates have always been a safe way to invest up to $250,000. The safety of this amount is guaranteed by TD to its customers. Now TD has even more investment options. TD Market Growth GICs will earn up to 18.8% interest over a three-year investment in TD Canadian Banking and Utilities. There is a guaranteed minimum on your return. With TD Special Offer GICs you can earn even higher interest than the usual GIC investment. Both your investment and interest are guaranteed for the length of your investment period.

What is the difference between a traditional GIC investment and a cashable GIC?

The traditional GIC investments have always been a safe investment. However, these are non-cashable. They do offer a higher interest rate than the newer, cashable GICs.

Non-Cashable GICs generally offer a higher return than cashable GICs for your fixed-term investments.

More information about the new cashable GICs by TD Canada Trust

An exciting new product in TD GICs is cashable GICs. With these investments, you get the flexibility of being able to cash your investment in earlier. You can invest for up to five years and cash all or part of this investment if you need cash for unexpected events. You can choose an investment period of between thirty days and five years.

Another popular new product is TD U.S. Dollar & Foreign Currency Term Deposits. With this investment option, you can place your investment dollars in world currencies. Rates are guaranteed for your investment term of between thirty days and a year. This is a great way to protect your investment against the rate changes in foreign exchange.

TD GICs rates are per year unless otherwise specified. TD takes pride in offering its valued clients competitive rates on its many varied investment opportunities. Today’s rate specials include TD Special Offer GIC for one hundred days at 1.55%. A fourteen-month GIC special rate is up to 2.10%. For a three-year investment in TD Canadian Banking and Utilities GIC, you can earn up to 18.88%

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