Acanac Review – Acanac Internet Review & Plans

Acanac currently offers two home internet plans. The DSL plan is mainly outdated and the more expensive of the two, while also having atrocious speeds. On the other hand, they have a competitive cable internet offer. Note that Acanac’s cable internet plan in Quebec differs from the one in Ontario.
Acanac Review – Acanac Internet Review & Plans

As one of Canada’s leading online-only internet and home phone providers, Acanac offers exceptionally favourable rates for their internet packages.

Acanac is one of Canada’s well-known online-only telecom providers. They don’t have dedicated stores, meaning all contact is done through the internet and phone lines. They have competitive prices and some of the best cable internet offerings on the market.

Read on to learn more about Acanac’s internet plans.

Product Details

  • Internet speed: Cable internet speed from 60 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.
  • Price: Cable internet costs between $50 and $99 per month.
  • Contract details: You can opt for a yearly subscription to get one month free for that year. Otherwise, you can use a month-to-month billing contract.

What Is Acanac?

Acanac is a budget internet and home phone service that operates in Quebec and Ontario. It is quite well-known and trustworthy, and its rates are among the best on the market.

What Internet Plans Does Acanac Offer?

Quebec Plans

Here are the plans available in Quebec:

  • 60/10 Mbps for $55/month
  • 100/30 Mbps for $59/month
  • 120/10 Mbps for $75/month (this is the upload speed listed on the Acanac website, which may be a typo)
  • 400/50 Mbps for $89/month

Overall, the most expensive plan gives you the most value for the money. We’d avoid the cheapest plan altogether, seeing as the next upgrade increases the speed by more than 50 percent and triples the upload speed for only $4 a month more.

Ontario Plans

Here is a list of internet plans available in Ontario:

  • 60/10 Mbps for $50/month
  • 75/10 Mbps for $59/month
  • 120/10 Mbps for $75/month (we’re not entirely sure the information here isn’t wrong)
  • 150/15 Mbps for $69/month
  • 1024/30 Mbps for $99/month

Overall, the 1024 Mbps plan is the best value for your money and the upper limit on the cabled internet speed. Anything faster than that would require a fiber connection.

If you choose to pay for yearly subscriptions, you’ll pay 11 times the monthly amount over the year, getting a month free in return.

Can You Bundle Internet With Other Services?

While Acanac offers a home phone service, there doesn’t seem to be a way to combine the two into a single payment and get a discount.

Are There Other Costs?

Acanac doesn’t come without additional costs. Not included in the subscription price is the router you receive when starting the subscription. It will set you back $99, or a whopping $160 if you choose to pay it in $10 monthly installments. However, you’ll own the piece of hardware after that.

There is also an installation fee charged separately for $30 (discounted from $79.95).

Other Features to Know About

Here’s a list of notable Acanac features:

  • Unlimited data: All their cable internet plans come with unlimited data.
  • Variable contract: You can choose a monthly contract to be flexible and see if the internet service works for your needs. Alternatively, you can opt for a one-year contract to get a month free.
  • Online account: Users can access their online Acanac account and review payments and pay bills directly.

Something to Watch Out For

Here’s what you need to look out for before choosing Acanac:

  • Limited availability: Acanac is only available in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Variable plans: Depending on where you live, you might not get access to the 1Gbps plan.
  • Modem Rental or purchase fees: You’ll need to pay for the modem depending on the plan you choose. Some plans require different modems. Higher-speed plans require a separate Wi-Fi router.
  • Installation fees: There is a one-time cost to install the cable and router in your house.

 How to Sign Up?

  1. Search for Acanac’s internet page.
  2. Select your province at the top right.
  3. Select the internet plan you wish to use.
  4. Check for the plan’s availability in your area.
  5. Complete the registration form.
  6. Wait for a confirmation from Acanac that your subscription is successful.
  7. Schedule your installation and set up an online account.


How Much Does Acanac Internet Cost?

Internet plans range from $50 to $99 per month, depending on your internet speed. If you decide on a one-year subscription, you’ll get a month free.

Do I Need to Pay for the Modem?

The modem costs $99 as a single purchase, or you can split it into 16 monthly payments of $10 (we’d strongly advise against it). There are different routers required depending on your internet plans. Check the internet plan information page for details.

Can I Cancel at Any Time?

Cancelation fees depend on your subscription terms. With a monthly contract, you’ll probably get no fees if you cancel the service starting from the next month.

What Is Acanac’s Phone Number?

You can call Acanac’s support at 1-866-281-3538.

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