Best Cheap & Affordable Internet Plans Canada

The Internet has become a necessity for most Canadians. But that doesn’t mean it’s affordable for everyone. You no longer need to spend big bucks to enjoy high-speed internet. We help you compare internet plans based on pricing and calculated download/upload speed to find the best cheap internet providers.

Who has the cheapest internet plans in Canada?

We help you find the best internet service providers (ISP) in Canada so you can get the most bang for your buck. We know that sticking to a budget and finding the value for money can be really hard, especially when your purchasing decision is further complicated by technical jargon and mountains of assumed knowledge. Sometimes people end up paying a lot for their internet because they don’t actually know what they need. 

Here’s Offerhub’s List of the Best & the Cheapest Internet Providers in Canada

Find the Best Internet Providers

It is important to figure out what kind of internet you actually need, and compare costs between different internet providers for packages customized to your household and your location. Speed is often calculated in Mbps (megabits per second) is the miles per hour of the internet world — the standard measure of broadband speed that describes how quickly information can be downloaded from or uploaded to the internet. 

How much internet speed do I need?

So, just how much speed do you actually need? If you’re just checking email and reading the news, you don’t actually need much; 10 Mbps is plenty. However, if you’re using the internet to stream video (streaming video accounts for over 70 percent of internet traffic) then 10 Mbps isn’t enough. 


According to Netflix, streaming without buffering requires 5 Mbps for standard definition; upgrading from 5 Mbps to 15 Mbps would give your household the power to handle multiple HD streams at once.


How much internet you actually need depends on a few factors: how many people live in your house or apartment; how many devices will be logged on at once; how these devices are using the internet (HD streaming vs. data transfer vs. casual email); and how speedy you really need things to be.

How to find cheap Internet?

As you compare internet plans, remember that every ISP provider offers a wide variety of internet connection types, plans, packages, speeds, and prices. In recent years, with increased competition from multiple internet service providers and signal types, prices have dropped for various services in certain areas. This has also increased the number of features and packages available at the same cost in other areas.

So, be sure to compare all your ISP options to see just how far your dollar might go. Likely, your internet connection can be tailored to your service, price, and speed needs. 

If your preferred ISP provider also offers TV and home phone in your area, then an internet bundle may be the wisest way to work it in your favor.

Internet providers will offer you some great prices but only for an introductory time period. Just because your time is up doesn’t mean your prices should go up as well. As long as you are not in a contract you should be able to contact your provider and inform them that you are considering cancelling your service. You will be surprised how quickly you become eligible for another promotion. If you are not eligible for a promotion you may just decide to switch to a different provider anyway.  You do not have to pay an outrageous price in order to receive quality Internet service. 

Compare all internet providers in Canada and find cheap internet plans that suit your budget.

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