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Beanfield offers high-speed for Toronto. You are given access to 1Gbps a month for one flat fee of $50 a month. Beanfield also promises its customers no additional fees and free monthly hardware rental.

Beanfield offers 4 internet plans. The fastest download speeds are up to 1000 mbps with the pricing starting at $39. Beanfield offers Fibre internet service. Beanfield currently offers internet service in and more.

Toronto-based internet provider Beanfield provides something that other ISPs are afraid of: a lack of variety. It’s true, Beanfield only offers one Internet plan for all of its customers but it is a very attractive plan: $50 a month for 1Gbps. No, you cannot bundle other services and unfortunately, you can only access them in Toronto but such a simple, straightforward plan is hard to resist, especially when it would cost a lot more with other providers. Their rate is lower than the competition and there is something very pleasant about knowing exactly what you get with Beanfield without being sold all the bells and whistles that many other companies have.

The simplicity of Beanfield is one of their most appealing factors. However, they have their downsides too and those cannot be ignored. While the one-plan-for-all aspect of Beanfield is great, it can feel limiting at times, especially when most other providers offer the ability to bundle your phone and TV with your internet.

But their lack of other extras allows them to keep their prices incredibly low and you have to be thankful for that. Plus, they never hide the fact that they will only provide you with the internet. In fact, they seem proud of that and embrace it. They do not hide anything about their plan and their lack of extras.

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  • Low price for everyone: Beanfield offers only one plan and one price and that is a relief in many ways. You know you aren’t missing out and you do not have to compare any plans before purchasing.
  • No installation fees: Beanfield won’t charge you for installing their products in your home.
  • Unlimited Data: No additional fees for their unlimited data.
  • No contracts: You can cancel your service with Beanfield at any time. There are no fees for ending your arrangement.


  • Limited availability: Beanfield only offers their services in Toronto so you are out of luck if you live outside of the city and want their low costs.
  • Limited to certain buildings: Additionally, Beanfield isn’t available if your apartment has already signed up with another fiber optic internet provider
  • No bundling: Beanfield is one of the few ISPs to not offer any bundle packages.

About Beanfield

What you see is what you get with Beanfield and that is refreshing for an industry that hides a lot in the small, fine print. You know what you are receiving with their services and expect nothing more and nothing less. It is a shame that they cannot work outside of Toronto and you will sometimes feel disappointed that you cannot tie your internet services in with your home phone or TV. But, again, those complaints are few and far between when you think of the value you are getting.

You will have to check with your apartment building if you want to pursue Beanfield because they are not available everywhere. If your building has signed a contract with another provider, you sadly will not be able to use Beanfield. However, if you do get Beanfield, you will never have to worry about cancellation fees. They do not ask you to sign contracts so you can leave Beanfield’s service at any time.

That feature, along with others like unlimited data and no hardware rental fees, makes Beanfield even more attractive. Their speeds are reliable, their prices are consistent. Their simple and different way of selling the internet is outstanding, although one hopes that in the near future they either expand their range or offer just a few more extras. For the time being, Beanfield offers a very reasonable rate for some truly high-speed internet. If your location and building allow, they would be a great way to spend $50 a month.


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Beanfield Provides internet service in 1 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Beanfield is $95.75.

Beanfield has a total of 4 Internet Plans

Beanfield offers the highest speed of 1000 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Beanfield is $39 

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