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Execulink offers residential and business internet solely for the greater Ontario area. You can enjoy the benefits of unlimited data with Execulink for no additional fees and with no contracts. Cruise the internet with speeds of up to 1Gpbs and enjoy true customer service with Execulink.

Execulink Telecom offers 23 internet plans. The fastest download speeds are up to 250 mbps with the pricing starting at $24.99. Execulink Telecom offers Cable,DSL internet service. Execulink Telecom currently offers internet service in and more.

For customers in the greater Ontario area, Execulink is one of the top choices for you when you are looking for an internet provider that has multiple options, multiple plans and a lot of coverage. While Execulink has its shortcomings and things that hold them back from being truly perfect, they also have a lot of attributes that should make you very interested in their services.

Execulink’s price range is hard to argue with. Their speeds are impressive too. Their coverage area isn’t perfect but they have a lot of other positive features to offer. Is Execulink the internet provider you should trust your home to? Let’s take a look.

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  • Bundling: Execulink offers bundling services that allow you to have both home phone and TV with them
  • Unlimited Data: You can get unlimited data plans with Execulink — for no additional costs
  • No Contracts: Execulink doesn’t require you sign a lengthy contract for their services
  • No activation fees: Execulink has also done away with pesky activation fees when you sign up


  • No Online Registration: Execulink is a bit old school and does not allow you to sign up for their services online. You must apply via email or phone.
  • Limited Plan Options: Depending on where you live, your plan options may not be as robust as you would like
  • Only serving Ontario: Execulink has yet to expand beyond the Greater Ontario area

About Execulink

Execulink serves Ontario with fast and affordable internet that is perfect for any size living quarters, some one-bedroom apartments to entire houses. They have a few plans, with the lowest starting at just $45 a month. Their fastest plan can hit speeds of up to 1Gbps and costs around $100 dollars.

Execulink prides itself on providing excellent customer service and that is truly one of their major selling points. Their team of professionals is available all day, 24/7. They also put a heavy emphasis on the fact that they are a local provider, with locations in various parts of Ontario. They pitch themselves as the neighbourhood internet service provider and their commitment to staying local and personable is both heart-warming but also a little challenging.

It is challenging because Execulink only provides its services in Ontario. That makes their availability quite limited. And all of their plans are not available all over Ontario, they vary depending on which area of the city you reside in.

But their internet speeds and customer service are quite great, and quite affordable too. It is hard to argue with Execulink’s bottom line. They also offer business plans too, meaning if you have a business that needs internet or phone, you can be covered by their great customer service.

Execulink also has a few bundles that may be of interest to you when you are looking for a new internet service provider. Instead of solely using them for your internet, you can also bundle them in your home phone and mobile phone too. The prices on the mobile phone plan are particularly enticing, starting at just $15 a month. Their power and data plans on these are limited, though, so it may not make as much sense as you may think. Allowing a local company to handle your home internet is one thing, but allowing them to be your cell phone provider is another entirely.

Execulink also offers no contracts, which is certainly enticing to anyone who is tired of being attached to a single company for 2 years or more. Their no contracts approach is best for young folks who move around from apartment to apartment often every few years. While it is a good feature, it is one that a lot of companies are starting to offer so it isn’t as valuable as maybe it would have been a few years ago.

There are a few little quirks that are bothersome about Execulink, like the fact that you cannot sign up for their services online and have to call in or email. Little things like that make the company feel a bit too small, too minor. Though they are reliable with their customer service and their data plans, minor complaints like their limited availability and bizarre application quirks are a bit off-putting.


Still, Execulink offers a good route for anyone looking for a more modest and budget-friendly internet provider. As long you live solely within the Ontario city limits and do not mind a few annoying quirks, they are an option you look into.

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Execulink Telecom Provides internet service in 1 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Execulink Telecom is $50.47.

Execulink Telecom has a total of 23 Internet Plans

Execulink Telecom offers the highest speed of 250 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Execulink Telecom is $24.99 

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