Best Fido Internet Plans

Much like the other telcos, however, Fido’s internet plans bring with them their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out more about the finer details of its offerings so you can figure out if Fido is the internet provider you’re looking for.

Fido is a reputable telecommunications company with affordable communications services across Canada. Its products and services include phone bundles, mobile data plans, and overseas communications packages.

More notably, the company offers its own internet services, ranging from basic connections for casual use to high-speed plans for heavy internet users. Unlike the bigger telcos in the country, Fido offers its internet services for cheap, making them more accessible to a wider range of people.

Fido offers 4 internet plans. The fastest download speeds are up to 60 mbps with the pricing starting at $50. Fido offers Cable internet service. Fido currently offers internet service in and more.

Fido Internet Packages

Fido’s home internet deals are rather straightforward. You get to pick one of three high-speed internet options.

30Mbps – This is the first in the company’s high-speed internet offers. This package will net you 30Mbps worth of download speeds and 5Mbps upload speeds. This option is ideal for two to three connected devices and will cost $50 per month.

75Mbps – This package is best for up to four simultaneous connections, providing 75Mbps download speeds and 10Mbps upload speeds. This option is slightly more expensive, costing $65 per month.

150Mbps – This is the fastest option that Fido offers, providing download and upload speeds of 150Mbps and 15Mbps respectively. This $75 option is good if you need to connect up to six devices simultaneously.

It’s important to note that the high-speed packages also come with unlimited data, which is perfect for heavy internet users. If you feel like you don’t need a fast and uncapped internet connection, then Fido also offers a 5Mbps package for $35 per month with a monthly data cap of 50GB.

The prices on each package also include the monthly fee for modem rental.

Service Area Coverage

Unlike other Canadian internet service providers, Fido is only available in Ontario. Given that the company covers a majority of the region, residents from other parts of the country won’t be able to avail of Fido’s budget internet services.

Pricing and Payment Models

On top of the affordable prices on its high-speed packages, Fido also has very consumer-friendly payment models.

Fido is one of the few internet providers in Canada that has no-contract internet plans. You won’t have to sign up for any long-term deals or agreements to gain access to fast internet. Fido’s plans are paid on a monthly basis, and the lack of a binding document means you can cancel your “subscription” at any time for no extra charge.

The company also does not charge any activation fees or other extra fees for unlimited data. This means that all of the money you’ll be spending on your monthly plan will be going directly to your internet connection. Fido also offers a number of special promos when you sign up online.

How to Sign Up

Getting a connection from Fido is easy. Just follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Go to Fido’s website, and visit the sign-up page
  2. Once at the page, enter your desired address.
  3. Enter all of the relevant personal information in the respective text boxes.
  4. Submit your application.
  5. Wait for a Fido representative to contact you regarding your application

If your area has a working line that Fido can connect to, then you’ll be able to get your connection up much sooner. Otherwise, it may take some time depending on how quick the company can get a line to your address.

Setting up your Fido modem is very user-friendly and near-instantaneous. Just plug the modem in, and connect it to a device like a cell phone or a computer. Once all of that’s done, you’ll be able to enjoy your fast and reliable internet connection.

Fido Bonuses

Fido offers a host of useful features for mobile subscribers, but it also offers some extra benefits for those who are strictly going for its internet services.

  • Online account monitoring

The company has a proprietary Fido app that will allow you to quickly and easily monitor your internet plans and pay your monthly Fido bills. The app also ties in nicely to the company’s other bonuses and reward features.

Online monitoring can significantly improve your account management experience as it will save you the hassle of constantly having to contact your provider for details. The Fido app itself is easy to navigate.

  • Fido XTRA

XTRA is Fido’s rewards program for all of its mobile and home internet subscribers. XTRA can grant you some new goodies every Thursday in the form of perks. These perks include discounts, contests, or freebies, which are all redeemable through the Fido app.

If you enjoy the benefits of loyalty programs, then you’ll like Fido XTRA. The promo codes that you receive from the program can also be used by other people.



At a glance, Fido’s affordable prices might just seem like an attempt to invite as many customers as possible. However, the performance of the internet connections it offers shows that it is genuinely providing a low-cost option in an industry that’s dominated by big brands.

Even the slowest of Fido’s internet plans can work well if they’re used as prescribed in terms of concurrent connections, and its fastest offering is still able to compete with internet plans of other more renowned brands. The painless registration, installation, ease of account management, and loyalty bonuses all make for a delightful cherry on top of an attractive deal.

However, Fido’s exclusivity to the Ontario region and its lack of home internet bundles open it up to the competition. Residents from the rest of Canada won’t be able to enjoy Fido’s affordable offers, and the low prices may get overshadowed by more attractive deals sold by other providers.

Regardless of these, Fido is still worth the attention it’s getting and should be on your list if you’re looking for a budget internet option in Ontario.


About Fido

Fido is a Canadian cellular telephone service provider based in Montreal, Canada and is owned by Rogers Communications. Fido offers a variety of cellular services throughout Canada’s many regions, but in 2015, it started to provide internet connection services of its own.

The internet services that Fido provides are known for being relatively cheap when compared to its more direct competitors. However, despite the pricing, the company still manages to deliver competitive connection speeds, further increasing its value.

Fido has a few noticeable differences with other Canadian providers. Here’s what the company currently has on offer.

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Fido Provides internet service in 13 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Fido is $56.25.

Fido has a total of 4 Internet Plans

Fido offers the highest speed of 60 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Fido is $50 

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