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Novus provides high-speed internet for apartment and condo owners in Metro Vancouver. They offer multiple fiber optic speeds and month-to-month plans and come with an innovative Novus app that allows you to track your bill payments online and monitor your internet usage.

Novus offers 4 internet plans. The fastest download speeds are up to 300 mbps with the pricing starting at $39.95. Novus offers Cable internet service. Novus currently offers internet service in and more.

Novus is an up-and-coming internet provider located in metro Vancouver, Canada. They offer unlimited data, symmetrical speeds and no contracts. All of these combined make Novus a company that you should look into when you are finding a home in Vancouver. With low prices and a lot of powerful speed, they could be just the provider you need.

They have their limitations though, as many growing businesses do. But they show great promise and offer several enticing deals that will surely catch your eye. Make sure you look through the small print and find out if Novus will be available to you before you make up your mind.

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  • Unlimited Data: There are no data caps on your plans, no extra fees if you go over your monthly data allotment.
  • Symmetrical Speeds: Whether uploading or downloading, you get the same fast speeds in either direction.
  • No Contracts: You do not have to sign up for a lengthy, annoying contract and can cancel your service with Novus at any time.
  • Free Installation: Your modem rental is free and you will not be charged any installation fees when signing up with Novus.


  • Low Prices Don’t Last: The low, low prices advertised by Novus are actually promotional and will not last. You will see a bump in your fees after a certain amount of time.
  • Limited: Novus isn’t available at every location and you have to check with your apartment building to see if you can sign up for Novus.
  • Only Offered in Vancouver: Novus is strictly relegated to metro Vancouver and is not available outside of the city.

About Novus

Apartment buildings and condos have a friend in Novus. This internet provider sells high-speed internet in various packages at affordable prices. Their impressive fiber optic network can grant you speeds of up to 1Gbps for just a bit under $100 a month. They are a great provider for folks who want to game, stream or download and upload often.

However, there are drawbacks. For one, Novus is only available in Metro Vancouver. They may be offered beyond the city limits at some point but, as for now, you can only get them if you live in Vancouver.

Also, their availability is limited to certain apartment buildings and combos. While you can bundle your internet and TV, you cannot do it everywhere. You will have to check with Novus to see if their services are offered in your building and only then can you begin the installation process. Unfortunately, some potential users will be left out in the cold because of Novus’s limited availability and that is a shame.

But there are bonuses as well as drawbacks. The bundling services that Novus provides are worth your time. Being able to use Novus for both your internet as well as home phone and television is a huge plus. Their unlimited data plans are also fantastic. And their symmetrical speeds feature is great too, it means that no matter if you are downloading or uploading, your speeds will match one another. That is a nice idea that you do not see with every ISP.


One of the nice things about Novus is that you can pay month-to-month or sign on for a yearly contract, which will cost you less. These plans vary, of course, and promotional prices are always changing. But the fact that Novus offers both is nice, especially since they are not offered in all apartments and condos. Therefore, someone who isn’t sure if they will be living in the same apartment in a couple years should opt to pay monthly for Novus.

The disadvantages of Novus are annoying and definitely disappointing but the upsides of using the company are worthwhile and substantial. But if everything lines up and you are able to use Nevus in your condo or apartment, they are certainly worth looking into because they do provide some fast speeds, impressive prices and month-to-month payments or annual contracts. Their variety and value are impressive indeed. If only they were available in more areas.

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Novus Provides internet service in 1 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Novus is $79.96.

Novus has a total of 4 Internet Plans

Novus offers the highest speed of 300 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Novus is $39.95 

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