Best Primus Internet Plans

Primus is an internet provider offering high-speed internet services across Canada. Both residential and commercial users can get plans suitable for their needs. Internet speeds and the pricing structure varies according to location, but you can expect reliability and the option of bundled internet and VoIP services.

Primus offers 7 internet plans. The fastest download speeds are up to 250 mbps with the pricing starting at $39.95. Primus offers Cable internet service. Primus currently offers internet service in and more.

Whether you’re looking for an internet service for your home or commercial workplace, getting Primus would be a great choice. The provider has a selection of plans at prices designed according to your location in Canada and the internet speeds you need. You can also avail of features such as unlimited usage, zero activation charges, and 24/7 expert tech service at mid-range costs.

About Primus

Primus is an internet company that serves nationwide users. You have the option to choose the best plan available in your area at prices that fit within your budget. For more information, you can visit the company website, enter your location, and check for the different options. Not only can you choose the combo pack with a medium-speed internet and VoIP service, the company will also provide you with assistance in choosing the best bundles to suit your business needs.

Key Plan Features

Primus offers subscribers internet speeds ranging from 6Mbps to 300Mbps, though the speeds may vary according to your location. For instance, the pricing structure starts at a minimum of $35.95 in British Columbia and $39.95 in Ontario. While you have the option of signing up for the monthly plan, you could also go with the two-year plan available at more economical costs. Getting Primus will not cost you any activation fees.

Plans and Packages Available

Here is a description of plans available in British Columbia and Ontario to give you a comparative overview of how Primus plans work.

  • 6Mbps Plans are suitable for casual internet surfing and checking emails with limited streaming. This option is not available in Ontario, but residents in BC can get it for $35.95.
  • 15Mbps Plans with reasonable speeds are suitable for surfing and connectivity. The cost is the same for both, Ontario and BC and stands at $39.95.
  • 25Mbps Plans with medium speeds are suitable for a small company or family needing internet for multiple devices. Surfing, checking emails, and streaming is easily done. Users in British Columbia and Ontario can get the service for $49.95.
  • 50Mbps Plans with fast speeds are suitable for a four-member family needing limited internet and cost $56.95 in both locations.
  • 75Mbps Plans with super-fast speeds are suitable for larger families with multiple members using various devices. Users in BC can expect to pay $59.95 but similar plans are available to subscribers in Ontario at $67.95.
  • 100Mbps Plans with very fast speeds are suitable for downloads, online interactive gaming, and streaming hi-def media. These plans are not available in Ontario, but users in BC can get them for a cost of $65.95.
  • 150Mbps Plans with lightning-fast speeds are suitable for instant downloading and seamless streaming. If you live in BC, the plan costs $68.95, however users in Ontario pay a slightly higher cost of $74.95.
  • 300Mbps Plans with one of the fastest internet speeds available are suitable for multiple users in commercial and residential settings. You can expect instant downloads and uploads along with uninterrupted streaming, interactive gaming, conferencing, sharing files, and more. These plans are only available in BC at costs of $90.95.

Incentives and Discounts

Primus has a bunch of bundled cost-saving packages you can choose from. You can choose a combo pack that includes a digital phone service and an internet plan. The company allows you to get the connection on an existing number or sign up for a new number. For instance, if you choose the 150Mbps internet plan in BC, the basic cost of $74.95. But, if you get the digital phone service also, you’ll only pay $80.95. Discounts are also available for a 2-year contract in place of the monthly payment system.

Sign-Up Process with Primus

Primus welcomes new users and provides great customer service to existing subscribers. Here’s what you can do.

  1. Visit the official company website by clicking on this link:
  2. You’ll see options like “For Home,” “Business,” and “Wholesale.” Choose the option you need and a pop-up page opens so you can select your location.
  3. You’ll add your location on the page and check for the different plans available along with their features.
  4. Sign up for an account through the website. If you need additional assistance, the 24/7 customer service offers all the information you need.
  5. Using the online account, you can manage the plans and make payments.

Pros of Getting Primus

  • You have the option of signing up for a monthly plan if you would prefer not to get the contract.
  • Each plan has unlimited data so you won’t need to worry about overages and excessive charges.
  • The company has great customer service with expert techs standing by to offer you all the assistance you need.
  • You won’t pay any activation charges.
  • Bundled packages are available to suit the needs of every residential and commercial user.
  • Customized packages are provided for businesses, complete with customized internet services.

Downsides of Getting Primus

  • Primus plans are typically more expensive as compared to other more economical providers.
  • The pricing structure and plan availability can vary according to location. This can be an inconvenience if you live in a place where the company does not provide the coverage you need.
  • Users can expect to cover the installation and modem charges. However, these costs are not mentioned at the time of signing up for the subscription.
  • Add-ons like internet security and wall-to-wall Wi-Fi are not provided.

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Primus Provides internet service in 2 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Primus is $62.81.

Primus has a total of 7 Internet Plans

Primus offers the highest speed of 250 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Primus is $39.95 

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