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SaskTel provides standard and premium Internet packages for all sorts of uses in the Saskatchewan area. With high speeds and low prices and bundles that can cover your Internet, wireless and TV, SaskTel hsa something for everyone.

SaskTel offers 10 internet plans. The fastest download speeds are up to 300 mbps with the pricing starting at $52.95. SaskTel offers Cable,Fibre internet service. SaskTel currently offers internet service in and more.

SaskTel is an internet provider offering not only high-speed internet but wireless and TV as well for customers in the greater Saskatchewan area. Their prices are low and their selection of bundles and plans is rather immense, meaning there is likely something for everyone. It is rare to find an internet provider with such variety when it comes to their plans and the amount of choices you have is refreshing. SaskTel promises that it has something for everyone.

Unfortunately, you cannot use SaskTel outside of Saskatchewan and their long-term contracts are obtrusive and a pain to get out of. Despite that, they still provide a service with speed and a lot of choices and that is an important distinction between them and other competitors.

Is SaskTel right for you? If you are a Saskatchewan resident looking for high-speed internet with lots of possibilities, they just might be.

SaskTel Review


  • Bundles: SaskTel offers bundles so you can save money when you combine your Internet with your home phone, TV and wireless plans.
  • Online Service: You can monitor your usage and track your bill and pay online with the mySaskTel app.
  • Lots of options: SaskTel has a long list of various plans with a lot of variety. Therefore, you will definitely find something that fits you and your household perfectly.


  • Only Available in Saskatchewan: SaskTel offers a lot of options and some good prices but you can only access them if you live in Saskatchewan.
  • Contracts: You have to sign a 2-year contract to get reduced rates for some of the plans.
  • No Online Ordering: To become a SaskTel customer, you are required to call in and speak with a customer service representative or visit one of the physical store locations.

About SaskTel

One of the truest things you can say about SaskTel is that they provide variety. They have multiple plan options that are tailor-made for all sorts of living quarters and arrangements. Their prices are also quite affordable too, nothing that will surpass competitors and nothing that will hurt your wallet too much. They also provide various bundle packages so you can combine your internet service with your wireless, home phone and television too. Options, SaskTel has a lot of options.

There is a lot to look at with SaskTel and some limitations too. Some of the strongest, most impressive plans are only possible if you sign a two-year contract. That is a drag because if you plan to move outside of Saskatchewan, you will have to pay a cancellation fee to end your contract. And some of the plans have data caps while others don’t when, ideally, none of them should limit your data usage.

There are a few other unfortunate things about SaskTel. Their limited availability to only Saskatchewan is a pain and their desire to sign you into a two-year contract to gain access to their highest speeds and best prices is annoying too. They do not offer any great extra add-ons as well and that can be frustrating, especially if you do decide to commit to a two-year plan.


Despite all of that, the most attractive feature of SaskTel is their varied and impressive packages for your internet needs. Whether you are living in a small apartment or a larger house, you can find something that will probably fit your arrangements and give you what you need. Their lowest will give you speeds of 5Mbps and their highest are around 300Mbps. For the price they are asking, that really isn’t too bad at all. And while their insistence on a two-year contract is frustrating, they do offer month-to-month plans. In the end, you just have to weigh what is most important to you and then decide if SaskTel can provide it. In all likelihood, they probably have a plan that will work for you. If you live in Saskatchewan and need high-speed and affordable internet, SaskTel has some plans for you to look into.

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SaskTel Provides internet service in 1 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by SaskTel is $89.35.

SaskTel has a total of 10 Internet Plans

SaskTel offers the highest speed of 300 mbps

The lowest price for internet by SaskTel is $52.95 

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