Videotron Internet Review – Videotron Internet Plans and Reviews

Videotron currently offers two home internet plans. The basic family plan is mostly outdated and has metered connections and internet speeds that don’t correlate well with the prices. The best value for your money will be the Helix plans.
Videotron Internet Review – Videotron Internet Plans and Reviews

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Videotron is one of Canada’s leading phone and internet providers. And to demonstrate that, they have recently started offering their Helix internet package to compete with newly emerging technologies. As a more budget-friendly option, it has notable perks that could interest you.

By selecting Videotron, you’ll be choosing one of Canada’s largest telecom providers as your home internet service and getting affordable plans with unparalleled speeds.

Let’s learn more about Videotron’s home internet packages.

Product Details

  • Internet speed: Helix plans start from 60 Mbps and can go up to 400 Mbps, depending on the plan.
  • Price: Plan prices start at $60/month for the slowest speed and go up to $80 per month. The price includes a new user discount and the modem payment.
  • Contract details: Helix plans come with a two-year subscription.

What Internet Plans Does Videotron Offer?

Videotron currently offers two home internet plans. The basic family plan is mostly outdated and has metered connections and internet speeds that don’t correlate well with the prices. The best value for your money will be the Helix plans.

Helix Plans

All Helix plans come with unlimited monthly data and two-year subscriptions, after which you’ll own the modem, although we’re not sure if other providers can make use of it. Here are the plan prices and speeds:

  • 60 Mbps for $50/month
  • 100 Mbps for $67/month
  • 400 Mbps for $70/month

All plans list only their download speeds, and Videotron doesn’t disclose the maximum upload speed.

Overall, the most expensive plan comes with one of the best download speeds on the market for a cable service.

Can You Bundle Internet With Other Services?

Videotron’s Helix internet can be bundled with their TV service. Helix TV offers a wide array of channel options, and you can customize the plan before purchase.

Are There Other Costs?

Unfortunately, Helix plans come with a few caveats. The original price you’ll see on their website includes a new user discount. However, you’ll need to add a modem if you don’t have one. The modem will cost you $10/month for the 24 months you’re subscribing to the service, and you’ll own it afterward. You can also opt to pay for the modem in full beforehand, lowering the monthly fees respectively.

However, returning users will have to pay inflated prices. The return plans cost $69, $77, and $82 a month, although they don’t require a two-year subscription. Subscribing to the Helix plans for two years will again make you eligible for the discounted price, although you won’t have to pay for the router again.

There is also an installation fee, which is charged separately and costs $70.

Other Features to Know About

These are some of the most notable Videotron Helix features:

  • Unlimited data: Helix doesn’t have any data caps, so you don’t have to worry about data overages.
  • Wi-Fi adjustment: The router comes with an app to adjust settings, such as automatic scheduling.
  • Online access: Videotron has an online service that allows you to pay bills and access previous records.
  • Long-term perks: Users who subscribe after the initial period can get an overall discount on the service.

Something to Watch Out For

Helix isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Limited availability: Helix is only available in Quebec.
  • No monthly contract: To sign up for Helix, you have to agree to a minimum two-year subscription.
  • Modem rental fees: You’ll need to buy the modem outright or bundle the payment into the subscription. However, you get to keep it after that, and subsequent subscriptions will effectively cost less.
  • Installation fees: It will cost you extra to activate the service and have a technician install the device.

 How to Sign Up?

  1. Search for Videotron’s Helix internet page.
  2. Select the internet plan you wish to use.
  3. Check for the plan’s availability in your area. Helix is only available in Quebec.
  4. Complete the registration by using your personal information.
  5. Wait for a confirmation from Videotron.
  6. Once your subscription is approved, schedule your installation and set up an online account with Videotron to access your payments.


How Much Does Videotron Internet Cost?

Internet plans range from $50 to $82 per month, depending on your internet speed, subscription duration, and previous subscriptions. New users will pay between $60 and $80 a month for the first 24 months.

Do I Need to Pay for the Modem?

The modem costs $240, which can be split into the 24 monthly payments of your subscription. After you’ve paid off the modem, you’ll own it.

Can I Cancel at Any Time?

Unfortunately, since the contract lasts for 24 months, you might have a harder time canceling your subscription. At the least, you’ll need to pay additional fees (not listen by Videotron).

What Is Videotron’s Phone Number?

Videotron’s phone support is accessible by calling 1-877-512-0911.

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