Loans Canada Review – Personal Loan Provider in Canada

Many Canadians struggle to find the right loaning company for them. Many banks are reluctant to give loans to people with low credit scores and people with a light credit history can find it difficult to get a loan as well.

Loans Canada Review

The idea of waiting to hear back from a lender only to find that you’ve been denied is a frustrating prospect to consider.

Looking for the right lender quickly can add more stress during a time when you need cash fast. Many people looking for a lender want a lender who will work with them quickly and give them money shortly after being approved. Waiting for the lender to approve or deny your application is time that could be spent on spending the money that you need.

With all of the banking and lending options available for people to use, it is difficult to research all of them and find the one that works best for you. Loans Canada eliminates that by doing all of that research for you. All you have to do is put in some information and Loans Canada will find the lenders that are best for your needs.

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About Loans Canada

Loans Canada was founded in 2012 by Scott Satov. It is not a moneylender, but rather a lending platform where information for various lenders can be found in one place. It’s where Canadian borrowers can easily find the right bank or another lender that will work best for them. They specialize in working with Canadians with bad credit, not a lot of credit history, those going through a consumer proposal, and those going through bankruptcy.

The customer service for Loans Canada is situated in Toronto, Ontario but is open to all Canadians. The call center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and a customer service rep will be happy to help you with any problems you may have.

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Top Features of Loans Canada

  • As a lending platform, Loans Canada helps its customers achieve financial and loan success in several ways. They are not limited by the kinds of loans that they work with or the people that need their help. They are uniquely situated to help customers of all kinds find any loan that they may need.
  • The biggest feature that Loans Canada offers its consumers is the research they do. They know that the average Canadian does not have the time to research all of the banks and lenders that may offer loans. By providing some basic information; your name, age, address, phone number, and employment information, it is easy to find what lenders will work with you.
  • Loans Canada also allows its consumers to rate lenders. This way consumers know which are the best lenders to work with. They also work with customers on customer satisfaction issues so that consumers can get the help they need when working with banking institutions should problems arise.
  • They will also not just help you with finding the right lender and getting a loan, they also help their customers pay off their loans. This long-term plan ensures that its customers will improve their credit score and history so that it will be easier for them to get a loan in the future.
  • Loans Canada helps Canadians achieve financial success by helping its customers obtain several different kinds of loans. Anything from personal loans, auto loans, business loans, to home equity loans, customers with Loans Canada can find the best loan for their needs to move forward.

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Who is Loans Canada For?

Loans Canada is available for every Canadian to use though there are people who will benefit more from its service over others. This list includes people who need cash within 48 hours, people who don’t have a long credit history, and people with a bad credit score.

Loans Canada is proud to help people with a limited credit history get loans. This group often includes immigrants to Canada or people just starting. They know that it is difficult to find a lender to strengthen your credit history. Often, finding the lender who will work with you is the first step in achieving your financial success.

While Loans Canada is happy to work with anyone who wants to use its services, some people should consider other options. These people include people with a good credit score, people who need longer loan requirements, and those who prefer going to a physical branch for service. There are many services available to these Canadians to use and they should take advantage of their options.


Loans Canada is a lending platform that helps Canadians find the right lender for them. It is not a direct lender and will not lend you money directly. That is important to keep in mind as you use their services and work with them.

As a platform, they specialize in working with people who need help finding the right lender who will work with them. This list includes people who have a bad credit score, a weak credit history, and those who need cash fast. They work with lenders in several different fields so customers can easily find the right loan for them.

They are easy to use. By filling out some basic information customers can compare the different lending options they have and choose the right one for them. By being an online service, it is easy for customers to use their services when it’s convenient for them. Not when the company is open like banks and other financial institutions.

All of the information being online also makes it easy to read reviews from other users. This makes it much simpler to find the right lender that works for you. There is no need to go between different services when everything is on one screen. Loans Canada will also help customers who experience problems with their lenders.

Loans Canada is a simple and easy to use service that is open to all Canadians, regardless of your credit history. It is a way to improve your credit score and history while getting the money you need quickly.


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