Best Oaken Financial Savings Accounts Compared

With branches in Halifax, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto, Oaken Financial offers clients attractive interest rates on savings accounts and GICs along with electronic banking services. The institution is a unit of Home Trust which is Canada’s largest independent trust company. Oaken Financial is an upcoming direct-to-consumer deposit commercial enterprise in Canada.

Oaken Financial Oaken Savings Account

Specification: Oaken Financial Oaken Savings Account

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Best Oaken Financial Savings Account

Oaken Financial offers a sole option, Oaken Financial Oaken Savings Account. By opening this account, you won’t need to pay any monthly fee or maintain a minimum balance. You can also transfer and withdraw funds without incurring any transaction fee. The bank allows you to use accounts for both personal and business transactions and provides an attractive daily savings rate. Aside from savings accounts, you can also get the Oaken Financial GIC, and earn one of the highest interest rates in the country. When looking for the best savings accounts that offer you all the facilities you need along with attractive interest rates and the minimum of fees and charges, you will want to compare the offerings of the best banks and financial institutions in Canada.
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