8×8 Business VoIP

The 8×8 product category provides business VOIP functionality and features a very flexible pricing model for users. The older version (‘Virtual Office Pro’) was entirely focused on small to medium-sized businesses.

But the new version (8×8 X) can serve enterprise-level teams. It provides all of the functionality as the old version with some new features too. The new version also has a new user interface as well as new applications.

There are 4 series – X, X2, X4, and X8. The upper range is really geared towards larger businesses. It is available as a desktop, mobile, or browser client. One of the neater features of this product is that if you make a call through your mobile phone, the customer will see your office number (if you so choose).

7.5 Total Score
8x8 Business VoIP Reviews

The most appealing aspect of 8x8 (aside from its high-quality calls) is its huge and seamless level of interoperability with third-party applications such as ZenDesk, SalesForce, and a massive number of messaging applications. Featuring unlimited calling in the USA and 14 other nations, music on hold, a conference-calling bridge, and the out-of-the-box integrations, it is a well-rounded provider and perfect for larger operations. With a flexible pricing model, there is something for every business with 8x8. The one issue with this provider is its video conferencing functionality, which is a little counter-intuitive and difficult to manage. Aside from this, it is an excellent choice for the majority of businesses in the USA or Canada.

  • With the new version of 8x8, ring groups, electronic faxing, and auto attendants are unlimited. The countries where unlimited calling is allowed have been expanded. The call quality with 8x8 is among the best on the market, with little or no voice distortion (again, this will always depend on the internet connection and network load).
  • One area where 8x8 really shines is it's messaging and communications capabilities. It allows interoperability with an amazing 23 messaging platforms. These platforms include Google Meetings, Skype, and Slack. This is perfect for businesses that work with a large number of external clients and need to collaborate with different businesses on multiple projects.
  • One of the issues associated with the previous versions of 8x8 was the lack of an integration framework. This issue has now been resolved with a Dynamic Integration Framework. It also comes with a Configuration Manager for ease of use.
  • It is very easy to set up the VOIP client through this Configuration Manager. Once the phone is activated, you can manage all of the functionality through the same Configuration Manager. To top it all off, it is very reasonably priced for what it provides ($28 per user per month).
  • One of the main issues with 8x8 is that it lacks the intuitive nature of some of its competitors. This can keep it out of the very top spots. The desktop application has some stability issues and the video conferencing is not as streamlined as it could be - it’s sometimes difficult to find certain buttons and to complete basic functions that should be easily displayed.
  • It’s certainly not the cheapest on the market, at $28.99 for the starting package. But it does offer huge functionality and interoperability to offset this price tag.
  • As far as disadvantages go, that’s pretty much it. It has a huge feature set, a superb level of interoperability with third-party applications, and is very easy to set up.
  • With its new Dynamic Integration Framework, 8x8 is a dream for businesses who want to get started with a high-quality VOIP provider without running into any issues. 8x8 are one of the most reliable services you can find.
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