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Diallog is a low-cost, high flexibility provider. It has over 20 years of experience in the market and is based in Toronto, Canada. The standard features with its main PBneXt product include voicemail, voicemail to email, call display, call waiting, call forwarding, web portal, tenant-level call limit security,  music on hold, and find me/follow me functionality.

Diallog provides a wide range of services aside from VOIP, including home and business internet products. Diallog has much in common with Versature, at least in terms of its high-quality standard of customer care. They are more known for being internet service providers first, and VOIP providers second. They also offer traditional phone services. Diallog offers 4 primary products – hosted PBX, PRI for business, SIP Trunking, and traditional business lines.

Diallog has 3 PBneXt offerings. The first permits unlimited local calling, the second unlimited Canadian calling, and the third unlimited Canadian and USA calling.

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Diallog Business VoIP Review

Diallog is perfect for businesses that are having issues with their current VOIP or communications provider and want to make a seamless transition without delay. Diallog is used by many big names, including the Canadian Security Association. It is best known as an Internet Services Provider (‘ISP’). Also on offer is SIP Trunking, which means that all data and communications will run on a single IP channel. Diallog is one of the fastest-growing SIP providers in Canada. Businesses that are looking to save 30% and keep their existing PBX systems can do so with the Diallog PRI service. Bear in mind that Diallog is not best suited to businesses with over 500 employees. It does not have the rich feature set in comparison to some of the industry leaders. But it is ideal for small and medium businesses.

  • Diallog is a very cost-effective VOIP service. While many providers tend to start at $30 or similar per month, Diallog starts at $19.99. Diallog also offers unlimited local calling, unlimited US calling, and unlimited calls to Canada. Because the pricing is so flexible, businesses can pay more as they need to add more extensions, as opposed to fixed packages.
  • They also advertise themselves as the most customizable provider on the market, which has a lot of truth to it. Customers can speak to a representative to deliver a customized package depending on client preferences. What makes Diallog stand out from the crowd is its amazing level of customer services. In comparison to RingCentral, which has amazing features but poor customer service, Diallog provides a friendly experience for its users.
  • Diallog provides something new in the VOIP sector, with a friendly and customer-orientated approach. They are a provider the businesses large and small can reach out to for a flexible pricing package. And they are not merely a small business provider - they work with huge companies including Bell, Primus, Allstream, Audi, and Bayer.
  • Diallog also provides a Competitive Cost Analysis (‘CCA’) before you commit. This ensures that potential customers can see how much they expect to save as compared to their old system.
  • While Diallog is reputed to be a flexible provider, they do not have the customization in terms of technology innovation. The range is not as extensive. They do not offer as extensive a level of integration with third-party applications. It may not work smoothly with in-house applications. Moreover, the international toll-free options with Diallog are separate from their packages.
  • Another disadvantage of Diallog is that it is relatively new to the business VOIP market, while it has a far bigger name in the internet space. There is little feedback from business customers. It has not been tried and tested, so it tends to be more difficult to analyze.
  • But so far, it's a safe bet. As a recognized ISP and a name for customer service, Diallog is as resilient as you can get. It is a one-stop telecom shop (as advertised on its site) for all needs. You can manage your entire communications network through Diallog.
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