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Intermedia Unite Business VoIP Review

Intermedia Unite Business VoIP Review

Like RingCentral, Intermedia Unite is a VOIP provider that is heavily integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of products and services. It only allows calls to US and Canada, which is something of an issue. Intermedia Unite is the newer version of Cloud PBX, a product that has been an editor favorite for years.

This is a very well-established provider, supplying over 125,000 businesses with VOIP and communications solutions. Though it is less well-known than some of the other heavyweights, it is up there with the very best.

The HostPilot Administration Console is used to add, delete, or modify users with Intermedia Unite. User Pilot is a client-side addition that is a key component of HostPilot, allowing the syncing of contacts across organizations. The HostPilot Admin Console is a fully-fledged cloud application where you can set up the call attendant, add numbers, and modify endpoints.

Intermedia Unite Business VoIP

Businesses that need additional levels of security and privacy can also benefit from Intermedia Unite, due to its file encryption and secure hosting services. It is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use VOIP services on the market, which is a massive advantage.
The video conferencing features are also very high-quality, and the company acquired AnyMeeting back in 2017. AnyMeeting is now integrated into the Intermedia Unite suite.


  • Intermedia Unite has a massive feature set. It even has HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance built into its mobile applications. Other features include Quality of Service status alerts, SHAKEN compliance, number porting, on-demand call recording, and SMS capability from desktop and mobile. Devices can also be clones upon setup, a feature that will delight network admins.
  • With Intermedia Unite, you can run diagnostics within the network that tell you how many users you can currently support right now. It will also display the network speed. This is invaluable information – without knowing what your network is capable of supporting, you could run into disaster on a business day with a heavy network load.
  • The interoperability with Microsoft Office is very useful for companies who already make extensive use of this technology. Intermedia Unite promises 99.999% uptime with a financially backed service level agreement. Not many other providers offer this.
  • To top it off, the HostPilot Administration Console is very intuitive, something that is lacking in many competing products. For smaller businesses looking for an intuitive interface, Intermedia Unite is ideal. It also has a very high level of customization through the console for people who have specific requirements for incoming and outgoing calls.


  • The two primary disadvantages of Intermedia Unite are its heavy affiliations with Microsoft Office and that it only allows calls to the USA and Canada. The affiliation with Microsoft can be listed as an advantage or a disadvantage (for companies who already work with this suite, it is certainly an advantage). It’s not quite as straightforward to set up in comparison to some of its competitors.
  • There are no other real pitfalls with Intermedia Unite – it offers a massive feature set, with the addition of a smooth user interface for ease of use. It is one of the intuitive VOIP services on the market at present.

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