Versature Business VoIP Reviews

Versature Business VoIP Reviews
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Versature Business VoIP Review

Versature is better suited towards smaller businesses looking for a personalized experience where they feel valued by customer service personnel. Businesses that have 2 – 450 employees might benefit greatly from Versature. But for enterprise-level solutions, there are other options available.

Onboarding with Versature is a breeze. For companies struggling with legacy phone systems and a hefty bill to pay, they could be the perfect solution. The switch will be quick, painless, and personalized. They are a customer-centric organization and focus on providing the best possible experience to customers. For a smooth transition, Versature are the best you will find.


  • Versature is one of the most customer-friendly VOIP providers on the market. The online reviews of Versature are overwhelmingly positive, which is a rarity in the industry. Not only are the reviews positive, but the customer service team of Versature are world-class. It allows 2,500 toll-free minutes with its cheapest plan (more toll-free minutes are given on higher plans).
  • The Versature product integrates with Slack, Google Sheets, KLIP, SalesForce, ZenDesk, and a host of other applications. But where it really shines is that it provides an analytical dashboard to visualize all data flows from connected applications (SalesForce, Slack, etc). The API also allows for custom integration of in-house applications.
  • Few other providers offer free phones (Polycom VVX250), and this can be a large additional cost. Versature offers these phones with clients entering a 3 or 5-year contract on Essentials, Professional, or Enterprise Plans. To top it all off, the platform is very intuitive to use, monitor, and setup.
  • With 2,500 toll-free minutes, smooth onboarding, an exceptional customer service team, and excellent data analysis tools, Versature is a reputable company in the Canadian VOIP industry best suited to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Versature might seem expensive in comparison to other providers. But when you take the phones and the toll-free minutes into account, it could easily work out to be one of the cheapest.


  • There is no free trial available with Versature. The price is modest, but not quite cheap, at $29.99 for the basic package ( ‘Essentials’).
  • Earlier clients of Versature are reporting that their Active Directories were not updated unless the Versature team did it.
  • Versature does not have the full feature set boasted by bigger names such as 8×8 or RingCentral. It lacks access controls and contact management. It is not well suited to large companies and enterprises. There are no webinar training services.
  • The biggest (and most common) criticism is that sometimes the call quality is not the best, especially with video conferencing. But this is always dependent on network load and how many representatives are on an active call.

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