Telus – Smart Home Monitoring Security Reviews (Previously ADT)

Telus home security solutions is yet another effective and efficient home monitoring system. Telus offers you protection out of 6 Customer Monitoring Centers that are available round the clock, all through the year guaranteeing you a quick and instant response in case of emergencies.

8.5 Total Score
Telus - Smart Home Monitoring Security Reviews

Plans Starting at $12/month (Telus Internet Required)

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Temperature Variation Detection

Telus home security systems have integrated sensors that can detect both low and high temperatures in any location of the house. Protection from low temperatures ensures prevention of bursting pipes and any other possible damage. Sensors that detect high temperatures can warn you of possible hazards so you can protect your family.

Flood Detection

Flood sensors warn of rising water levels so you can prevent damage from water to your home. The sensors relay a signal to the Customer Monitoring Centre so you can take timely action.

Burglary and Intrusion Detection

Intruder sensors send alerts to the Telus centre so that they notify you and the concerned authorities at the first sign of a burglary threat.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

The colourless and odorless nature of carbon monoxide gas makes it impossible to detect without efficient sensors that can warn you in time of the hazard.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Sensors integrated with the Telus home security monitoring system can detect smoke and fire and send alerts to the Customer Monitoring Centre so they can alert you and the nearest fire department instantly.

Medical Alerts

By using the two-way voice intercom service, you can alert the monitoring center and inform them of the need for medical assistance. In turn, they can call the closest emergency services. ADT also offers the provision of medical bracelets for senior citizens that can monitor and send alerts.

Additional Facilities:

In addition to efficient surveillance solutions, Telus offers you a range of other facilities such as:

  • Ability to arm or disarm door locks from a remote location via the internet using your smartphone, Android phone, or any other device
  • Video monitoring so you can keep watch on the interiors of your home for problematic incidents
  • Ability to control the garage door from outside the house
  • Ability to turn lights on or off remotely
  • Ability to lock or unlock doors remotely
  • Security cameras that send you live video footage that you can watch from your phone, laptop, computer, or tablet.
  • Wireless monitoring of your home with integration with various devices
  • Receiving alerts when a third person accesses the security systems
  • Ability to control the home thermostat from any location

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