Basic Cable TV Offers by the Top Providers

By now, you must have already received the news – the “skinny” basic package is now available for TV viewers in Canada. Have you checked what your provider is offering since the expiry of the March 1 deadline? Knowing the basic cable TV offers by the top providers can help you choose the best package.

Here are the Basic Cable TV Offers By The Top Providers

ProviderTV TypePrice


At Rogers, a Starter TV package includes at least 30 channels. This package will cost you $24.99 per month for channels such as The Weather Network, CPAC, NBC and CBC.

You will also need to part with $5.49 as rent for a set-top box. Theme packages can cost as much as $18 and a comedy package costs $10 per month. If you are interested in news channels, be ready to pay a further $5.


With only $24.95 /mo, you can create your own package that includes both local channels and legislative channels. With some of the channels Bell offers, you can enjoy Global, CBC and CTV. As you would expect, subscribers to this package can opt for extra pick-and-pay, but at a fee ($3-$20 for each channel). Interestingly, Bell has omitted over-the-air networks from the US including CBS, ABC and FOX. Critics are already poking holes into this move.


The arrival of the skinny package is an improvement to the previously lowest “Personal TV” whose cost is $29.90 per month. “Limited TV” comes with 40 channels, but you can also add small theme packs. In total, the basic package costs $30 in case you are using a set-top box. For a PVR box for recording shows, you will need to pay $15 per month.

If you check Shaw’s packages closely, you will notice that the more the channels to your subscribe to, the better the rewards from the add-ons.


Cogeco’s basic cable TV package includes both regional and local channels. The $25 entry-level package also comes with mandatory educational and community stations. Unlike Bell and some other stations, Cogeco has included several US stations, for example FOX, PBS, NBC and ABC.

Building your package will cost you between $38 and $59 per month. Quebec and Ontario residents can now watch more channels thanks to the à la carte channels introduced by the company for as little as $3.50 per month each.


Sasktel’s Lite maxTV™, the ‘skinny basic’ cable TV package, contains several Canadian channels including CBC, The Weather Network, CTV and Global at a cost of $25 per month. French language channels and a legislative channel are also included. Customize this with Lite packs and specialty channels for as little as $5.99 monthly.


Finally, to one of the most affordable packages I have seen from the TV providers so far- a $20 per month package. It comes with a host of channels such as The Weather Network, ABC, CBS and TV5. Others are unisTV, CBS and Citytv.

A Beanfield set-top box is available at a one-time cost of $150 and $7 per month. If you are interested in TV without internet, you will need to pay an installation fee of $150.

More Choices, More Affordability?

The $25 basic cable TV package is finally here and I am sure many customers are still crunching the numbers. The providers have skinny packages, add-ons, and pick-and-pay channels, which Canadians are still sampling. One thing is clear though – despite the claims by the CRTC that Canadians have the chance to view TV according to their specific budget and needs, the new pricing will not necessarily save you on cost. Now that you have read the basic cable offers by the top providers, you can compare best TV Plans at

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