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Basic Cable TV Packages: Quit Paying More

Basic Cable TV Packages: Quit Paying More

How much are TV plans costing you? I have a feeling that something big is about to happen in the Canadian TV plans market. This has to do with the sky-high prices we are witnessing today. Now imagine being able to enjoy all the TV that you want without paying a fortune. For some, many basic cable packages will be enough. You don’t need to pay for services that you’ll never use.

What’s Up With The Prices?

In 2014, the prices for cable TV, cell phones and similar bills increased by an incredible 3.2 percent according to a report released by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission(CRTC). We can only expect matters to be worse in 2015 and this doesn’t portend well for a majority of consumers.

Let us look at the major types of packages in Canada and discuss how you can save some cash. Once you discover how easy it is to reduce your bill, you will wonder how the heck you didn’t know about this before.

Basic Cable and Standard Packages

I have been paying for cable TV for so long to the point that I forgot that standard channels are available over-the-air, free. Do you live near a broadcast tower like me, have a digital box and a nice antenna? Trust me you can have more than enough TV. By just switching to only standard channels, I was able to reduce my monthly bill to only $12.99.

Extra Packages

I did a quick check of the extra packages that major Canadian cable companies offer and made this intriguing discovery. They will either give you a menu to choose from or encourage you to pick from a list of packages. I am sure you would rather go with the first option anytime for obvious reasons. However, some of the packages offered are very interesting, for example, the Digital Starter Pack from Cogeco, which goes for only $34.99 per month.

New Packages

Depending on who your provider is, there are cheap plans out there. They call them specials-I think this name is suitable considering the amount of savings these plans can bring. If you are with a big provider and have a family of five, I think you should consider grabbing the next special plan that comes your way. Specials are not only budget-friendly but also very rich in content.

It’s Never Too Late To Shop

Most Canadians might not know it, but life doesn’t stop at Bell or Rogers. For example, Acanac is offering some of the best TV packages in Ontario and Quebec today.

In case you’ve not heard, Shaw and TELUS are running over each other as they scramble for customers. Of course, many Canadians are having an awesome time thanks to the unbelievable offerings available.

It’s scenarios such as this one that has got me thinking hard about all the money I have been paying for unnecessary channels. From my assessment, Canadians are slowly discovering that they can actually pay less for the same or more TV experience. Don’t you think it’s time you streamlined your TV plan?

Best Cable TV service providers

It might interest you to know that analog TV has been phased out of Canada and all signals are now broadcast by way of digitally processed and multiplexed signals. You can now choose between standard or high-definition TV. With digital TV, you can look forward to advanced features like sharper images and clearer sound quality. By checking out the Cable TV options available, you can choose from the number of channels you want in the city or area where you’re located. Take a look at the offerings from companies with their most popular plan below:


Videotron is a leading company in Canada offering internet plans, Cable TV plans, and other services. When it comes to Cable TV, they’re one of the best choices.


TELUS is a Canadian internet and communications company that covers Western Canada, offering a wide range of internet and value-added services backed by a wide network of pure fibre optic infrastructure. You’re highly likely to find the best Cable TV plan for you at Telus.


Cogeco is one of the best choices you can go with for Cable TV. Compare plans and pricing and choose one of their plans and get the best offer.


With affordable plans and lots of channels to watch, Axion is a leading choice when it comes to Cable TV in Canada.


One of the most popular Internet and TV providers in Canada. Quality of service, great plans to choose from, and reliability that comes with every plan. If you need Cable TV, SaskTel is a great choice.


Shaw has been offering Cable TV for a long while. With years of proved quality service behind them, Shaw is a top choice for Cable TV for most Canadians.


Rogers is the biggest carrier in Canada and has the most extensive list of products and services to cater to business, enterprises, and personal use. The company was founded in Ontario in 1995, and has come a long way since, as an all in one communications providers. Most of the time they’re the #1 choice for Cable TV for everyone. provides you with an easy way to shop for TV Plans and compare best plans for your TV viewing from basic cable to those with more offers.  You can save hundreds of dollars per year by shopping and comparing the various TV plan offers and deals.


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