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Best Cable TV Providers Canada

Best Cable TV Providers Canada

State-of-the-art technology now provides Digital Cable Television where television signals are transmitted via multiplexed and digitally processed signals which are a significant improvement over old analog systems. Viewers can now choose from standard or high-definition Digital Television, more commonly known as High Definition TV (HDTV). You can expect advanced features like:

  • Superior picture quality with high-grade graphics, new aspect ratios, and higher pixel density
  • Advanced sound quality
  • Compatibility with digital devices like personal computers, laptops, and mobile phones
  • More efficient bandwidth usage
  • Interactive Features
  • Consistent reception of signals irrespective of distances
  • Possibility of multicasting
  • Compatibility with the internet

Rogers Ignite Cable TV

Rogers has also now switched to IPTV from its cable technology. You would need Rogers internet to prevail its services.



Canada has gradually phased out the analog TV in favour of digital television with consumers making the switch to cable services. However, to avail of the new technology, consumers must install a digital adapter. On August 31, 2011, the CRTC announced that all local stations broadcasting signals over the air have adopted digital television and will no longer broadcast in analog. Consumers who have been using the traditional “rabbit ears” or outdoor antennas for picking up signals will need options like:

  • Digital converter box
  • Upgrade to televisions that have a built-in digital tuner
  • Sign up with a cable, satellite, or another service provider to get television signals

If you aren’t quite sure about the best Digital Cable TV providers that have great packages offering a wide selection of channels, you’ve come to the right place. Compare your options by checking features, plans, pricing structure, and services on and choose the one that is best suited for your TV-watching needs.

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